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Sean Astwood Wants Government Address Border Security Immediately

Former Immigration Minister Sean Astweed

Former Minister of Immigration Sean Astwood is calling on the Washington Misick administration to immediately address the vexing issue of border security, saying that protecting the TCI borders should be top priority.


The following are statement my Astwood:


In recent years, border security has become an increasingly pressing issue that demands immediate attention from the government. The porous state of our borders poses significant risks to national security, public safety, and the well-being of our citizens. It is imperative that decisive action is taken to strengthen border security measures and safeguard our nation from potential threats.

Securing our borders has to be a top priority with this new treat arising out of the chaos in Haiti now under a state of emergency being reported by regional and international news organizations of gangs breaking gang leaders and members out of prison. They are now free to catch the next sloop to TCI that this government promised they would have stopped years ago.

The unchecked flow of illegal immigrants, contraband, guns and potentially dangerous individuals across our borders presents a clear and present danger to our country. Not only does this compromise our national sovereignty, but it also undermines efforts to maintain law and order within our borders. The rise in transnational crime, human and drug smuggling, further underscores the urgent need for robust border security measures.


In addition to security concerns, the influx of undocumented immigrants places a significant strain on our social services, healthcare system, and economy. The unchecked entry of individuals seeking to exploit our resources without contributing to our society only serves to exacerbate existing challenges and deepen societal divides. Addressing border security is not just a matter of national security but also a crucial component of ensuring the well-being and prosperity of our nation and its citizens.

The government must prioritize border security as a top national issue and allocate the necessary resources to enhance surveillance, improve infrastructure by increasing the number of radar sites for better coverage, purchase new air and sea vessels, equiptment and deploy personnel to effectively patrol and secure our borders.

This includes investing in advanced technology, increasing border patrol staffing, and collaborating with international partners to address cross-border threats. Our agreement with the Bahamas is a good example of this which was initiated by the last PDM government under my leadership as Minister responsible for Immigration and Border Control.

In conclusion, the government cannot afford to delay action on border security any longer. The time to act is now. By prioritizing border security and implementing effective measures to secure our borders, we can protect our nation, our citizens, and our way of life.

It is incumbent upon our leaders to demonstrate the political will and leadership necessary to address this critical issue and ensure a safer, more prosperous future for all. And if they can not than they should simply step aside.



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