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Sean Rodgers Reigns Supreme TCICF Tour of TCI

Sean Rodgers has been crowned the 2021 Turks and Caicos Islands Cycling Federation Tour of Turks & Caicos champion after dominating the time trial and stage races.

Sean Rodgers in action.

The ever-energetic Daniel Redmond ended second, while Matthew Williams round off the top three.

The Federation, through determination, hosted its 2021 edition of the Tour of Turks & Caicos within the instilled covid-19 health parameters. The Tour, the last cycling event for the season, was a boost of hope and a jab of interest for our racing cyclists. The event was a five-stage race held from October 9 to 11, 2021.

Stage 1 (Providenciales). The cyclists got out on the road for a pound for pound power ride, Individual Time Trial. The end of stage one saw Matthew Williams finishing in 3rd place, with Daniel Redmond finishing second, and Sean Rodgers attaining first with the fastest time of 17 minutes 14 seconds.

Stage 2 (Providenciales) saw things a little different as the cyclists prepared for a 52- mile road race; climbing, sprinting and attacking, all the things expected in this race. Daniel Redmond and Sean Rodgers commenced setting the pace for this race. A quarter way through the race, Tyrone Bishop joined in with the pacing. The pace was high and hard all the way going into Chalk Sound. When the cyclists got back on South Dock Road, Bishop was the first to attack and made the trailing cyclists work to catch him. Bishop and Rodgers battled each other in relentless repeated attacks. Coming across the line first was Sean Rodgers, followed by Tyrone Bishop and third, Daniel Redmond.

Riders getting ready for one of their races.

Stage 3 (North Caicos) road race had to be cancelled due to mechanical problems with the boat while enroute.

Stage 4 (Providenciales) was the second Individual Time Trial that saw Sean Rodgers taking gold in first place; second, Kavin Ewing for the silver, and Daniel Redmond in third place for the bronze.

Stage 5 (Providenciales) was the final stage in a road race of 70 miles. The cyclists were not as exhausted as they would have been, thanks to the unscheduled rest day (October 10). The cyclists all stayed together for most of the race until Rodgers pulled away from Redmond some 17 miles from the finish. However, by the time as Rodgers had crossed the line, Williams had already finished the race. Stage 5 ended with Matthew Williams cross the line first, followed by Sean Rodgers and then Daniel Redmond.

Riders jockey for the lead

More details on each stage results are available on the website,

Be part of this emerging and exciting sport of cycling by registering with the Turks & Caicos Cycling Federation or volunteer to assist at the race events.

Contact The 2022 cycling season is set to be monumental as our cyclists will represent Turks & Caicos Islands next summer in the Commonwealth Games hosted in Birmingham, UK.



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