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South Caicos deserves Better

An OpEd by PDM South Caicos Candidate Hynetta Forbes


PDM Candidate Hynetta Forbes

I am sure some of you have seen a release seeking to defame my name and accusing me of being a fake account. Initially I was going to ignore it because when entering politics, my LEADERSHIP training taught me there will be attacks on my name and character, when entering politics and when being perceive as a threat.

 I was warned that in politics you must have thick skin and believe me, I do. I was built for this! After attending Graduation last night, the slanderous and defaming article was brought to my attention that not only FALSELY attacked me, and accused me but some of my PDM colleagues, and My PDM party as a whole all because I was in attendance at a funeral and apparently sitting in close proximity of my accuser (Note the funeral had hundreds of attendees).

Everyone knows that I am one of the Founders of the Facebook Page Free to Speak TCI, I have never hidden this. The page was created several years ago to give Turks and Caicos Islanders the opportunity to freely express themselves, get help and also bring to light issues in our country that are being deliberately withheld from us.

When the page first started, persons were required to post under their Government names, however we received many inboxes from persons who worked for many Government departments and throughout the Private sector, particularly in the hospitality industry, who knew they would be victimized if they posted facts under their names.

The FTS page is needed because many critical issues have been exposed that Turks and Caicos Islanders would not be aware of and hundreds of persons have been helped. A most recent example is the Company Red seeking to monopolize the water sports/tourism Industry to the detriment of our local entrepreneurs in the industry.

My accuser initially accused the former Premier on social media (which I screenshotted) of creating the post about her and stated that I conspired with the former Premier to use the FTS page to bring her down. I do not know at which point my accuser decided to make me the target of her slander.

My accuser in the recent past reached out to me to have a post removed from the FTS page that was written by a Turks and Caicos Islander, under his government name accusing her bad business practices. As one of the admins of the FTS page back then, I accommodated her request and had the post removed.

However, in this case of this most recent post, my accuser, according to her article, reached out to various members of my party to request that I have the post taken down insisting she called me and I didn’t answer, a call I did not noticed.

My ONLY fault in this was accommodating my accuser and removing her former client’s post and recently requesting the admins to remove (because I am no longer an admin since entering politics) the latest post that she is falsely accusing me of.

Going forward, I will not be asking the admins of FTS to remove any post because it’s now proven my good deeds backfires. The current admins of FTS will continue to focus on the management of the page, and I will continue to focus on the issues that matter the most to my people of South Caicos, so much issues that there is no room for distraction.

I was never contacted by the Press to give a response to an article in which I was the main subject of the attack. I guess that also goes with the territory of entering politics. I will not be responding to any more baseless attacks on my character unless it is so egregious that a response is absolutely necessary.

My sole focus will be on BETTERMENT for South Caicos residents, the island of South Caicos and TCI as a whole.

South Caicos, not only do you have a candidate with Integrity but a Candidate who is passionate about her people and will fight on your behalf and not fold to baseless attacks.

Everyone knows that PDM is poised to win the next general elections and I am poised to make History by being the First Female Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Movement to win the seat in South Caicos.

Since my appointment as the PDM candidate and may I add I have not reach in HOA/Parliament as yet, I have:

1. Successfully advocated to the management of Scotiabank for a working ATM Machine in South Caicos. And a new one on the way. The management of Scotiabank kept me informed during the process of sourcing the ATM through to its installation. I in-turn kept the residents of South Caicos updated on the process. Whilst I am appreciative of the working ATM, I will continue to advocate for the restoration of full banking services in South Caicos.

2. Successfully advocated on behalf of the residents of South Caicos who require physical therapy and had to travel to Grand Turk to obtain physical therapy services since 2009, Since advocating on their behalf, I have been informed that a physical therapist will now visit South Caicos twice a week to provide physical therapy services to patients. Whilst I am grateful for this change in position by the Ministry of Health, I will continue to advocate for South Caicos to have an on island physical therapist and an increase in the number of days physical therapy services are offered.

3. Advocated on behalf of our local fishermen in South Caicos for the ramp restoration work to continue as our local fishermen depend on it for their livelihood especially with Lobster Season quickly approaching. Officials have met with the contractor, and this is going back out for tender. However, I am waiting on the Minister of infrastructure to perform his duties and keep his word to me that the works will continue shortly. I will continue to advocate on the behalf of our local fishermen until the ramp renovation works are completed.

4. Advocated against the dredging proposal for South Caicos as in my opinion this process will not only negatively impact our eco system and marine life but also make the shoreline of South Caicos more susceptible to damage during hurricanes. My research into the dredging proposal also exposed that so much valuable LAND in South Caicos no longer belong to the people of South Caicos, this broke my heart to see we have been sold out.

5. Advocated for the removal of old rusty and dangerous machinery at Conch Ground and South Caicos waters, and for the building of a proper facility which will incorporate proper restrooms in the facility. I am humbled and appreciative of all of the residents of South Caicos who have reached out to me and encouraged me to continue to advocate on behalf all the residents of South Caicos.

I will continue to be the VOICE for the VOICELESS. Even though I have an ongoing list of issues, you can continue to call and let me know the issues that matters to you the most and I will continue to fight for you. I will not let baseless attacks on me, or my party prevent me from advocating on your behalf. The devil knows just what he’s trying to be doing, but he missed, because I will not stop representing the people of South Caicos and I will stay Focus and encourage myself. My prayer warriors’ team is huge, so I will be great.

South Caicos, as your next elected Member of the HOA/Parliament, I will honour my pledge of implementing the Citizens Assistance Program (CAP). I am determined to have South Caicos be known as the Big, Big South throughout the length and breath of the Turks and Caicos Islands and the world at large.

My voters of South Caicos, whenever elections are called Vote Hynetta Karen Forbes as your next Elected Representative because South Caicos truly deserves Better and Better is Hynetta!

I know I’m a threat because of my pass and present life time track record of representing my people way before politics but it’s hard to get me distracted. I know my calling. I Am Here To Serve.



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