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TCI Government Priority Projects Open September 28

.Unveiling of 12 Transformative Priority Projects to Accelerate Inclusive Growth

Members of the public are invited to learn first-hand about the major transformational programmes being undertaken by the government during the Priority Projects Open Day to be held on 28 September from 1pm at the Gustavus Lightbourne Sports Complex.

Visitors can look forward to viewing various informative display, engaging with the Priority Project leaders, implementers, and decision makers, and taking part in other interactive activities.

The Priority Projects, selected by Cabinet, are being implemented within an identified period and are rigorously tracked to deliver meaningful results to the country and its people. Established in July 2022, the projects have been managed by the NDU (National Delivery Unit) under the Office of Premier and

Public Policy and they are as follows:

PP1: South Dock Redevelopment

PP2: Domestic Fibre Optic Link

PP3: Solid Waste Management

PP4: Comprehensive Housing Solutions Delivery

PP5: Strengthening the Agriculture Sector

PP6: National ID

PP7: Scanning of Land Registry Documents

PP8: Management and Containment of Informal Settlements

PP9: Digital Borders

PP10: Digital Transformation of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

PP11: National Insurance Shared Services

PP12: Judiciary Integrated Infrastructure Programme

The approach towards planning the Priority Projects, aimed to bring significant socio-economic growth, is action-oriented and performance-focused with well-developed and specific deliverables for each Priority Project. Through this, the Government is committed to steady reforms and delivery efforts as it focuses on shaping the future of Turks and Caicos into a more sustainable economy and a thriving and innovative society.

The NDU (National Delivery Unit) was set up to assist the Government in implementing its priorities by doing “business unusual” to deliver results swiftly and within the budget. The team of consultants lead by Justin Ram (Dr) of JRAS, (Justin Ram Advisory Services) has played a pivotal role in advising the Government in the planning, implementation, and execution of these projects with a strong emphasis on capacity building of the local teams.

These projects, across five sectors, were identified as priority by the Cabinet and are meant to address that which will expand the economy, stimulate growth, and improve social conditions. With the aim of breaking down barriers and obstacles that hinder the progress affecting the people, the NDU will continue to work in support of Ministries, departments, and agencies to strengthen the ability and capabilities in implementing the key projects.

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