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TCI Red Cross Launches Red Hot Corporate Challenge Sports Day

Mandy Dakin, TCI Red Cross Patron, share lens at the Red Hot Challenge News Conference with, from left – hotelier Karen Whitt, Winston Quelch - TCI Red Cross Volunteer, Candianne Williams – TCI Red Cross Director, and Donna Davis, one of reh organizers of the event.

Corporate Turks and Caicos, as well as individuals throughout the community, will finally get the chance to have some real competitive fun, with the chance to win trophies and bragging rights, as the TCI Red Cross plans to stage the Red Hot Corporate Challenge Sports Day on Saturday, May 21 at the National Stadium in Providenciales.

The event – a fundraiser for the TCI Red Cross - will feature, among other activities, track and field, arm wrestling, balloon toss, egg and spoon races and tug-a-war. The Red Hot Corporate Challenge will run from 10am to 5pm, with an after party.

General admission for the day is $5, and vendors are slated to be on site all day to serve up the most delectable meals.

Launched on Wednesday, April 20 at the National Stadium, the Red Hot Corporate Challenge promises to be exciting, with loads of fun for the participants.

Karen Whitt of Hartling Group, who is one of the individuals behind the event, stated that while it is called the Red Hot Corporate Challenge, it is open to individuals as well.

“This is open to the public, the various communities. Anyone can participate…it is not only corporate, but if individuals want to come together and create teams, that’s just fine,” Whitt explained.

Entry fee is $1,000 per team, and each team is allowed a maximum of 10 persons.

“Obviously, the more (teams) you have, the better chance you have to win the championship,” she explained, further noting that the organizers have structured the competition so that all team members would get to participate.

“If you don’t think you are a sporting type…if you are not that athletic, no problem. We will have egg and spoon races; we have water balloon toss. We have from the very lighthearted games, all the way to the serious,” Whitt revealed.

Donna Davis, another of the organizers, who is responsible for the entertainment aspect, said food vendors will be available all day to serve up a storm, while after the sporting event, there will be an after party.

“There are food vendors that we are going to invite and ask them to come out and set-up booths and provide food. The Red Cross is going to have their own charity bar, which all the proceeds from that bar are going to go directly to the Red Cross,” she said.

She said the vendor fee will be $150, further pointing out that that there will be fun for the children, including face-painting.

“It is going to be a day where everyone would come out and enjoy, and after the awards ceremony, where we crown our winners, we are going to have the favourites – V6 Band to entertain us through the night,” Davis said.

The event will be held under the distinguish patronage of Mandy Dakin, wife of His Excellency Governor the Turks and Caicos Islands Nigel Dakin. Mandy Dakin is a patron of the Red Cross.

Dakin pointed out that she, together with the Red Cross representatives and friends of that charity organization was searching for a fundraising event that would appeal to the general public, and after sifting through a number of great ideas, settled on the Red Hot Corporate Challenge.

“We want to make it about community, and so, we want to make sure that whatever event we came up with was successful to everybody, all community, no matter how old, young, fit, unfit. And above all, it should be really fun. it should be something that people are excited to be part of,” she said.

Dakin stated that while considering what event she believed would be a tangible for the Red Cross, she was approached by Whitt and Davis, who pitched the idea of a sports Day for mainly adults.

She said the sports day would encompass all communities and should foster friendly rivalry.

“I just thought it was a really good idea because it makes us all think about our health and wellbeing. And I think if we get involved in this sports day, it might trigger some people to start having some fun and start having true fun in their physical activities as well,” Dakin said.



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