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TCIAA’s Strategic Managers Session Debuts with Great Success

Minister of Immigration and Border Services, Hon. Arlington Musgrove (seated at centre), Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Immigration and Border Service Althea Been (seated left) and Godfrey Smith (seated at right), CEO for the TCIAA share a photo moment with the TCIAA team.

The Turks and Caicos Islands Airports Authority (TCIAA) proudly held its first Annual Strategic Session under the inspiring theme: 'FORWARD'.

This landmark event took place on May 28th, 2024, at the prestigious Ritz Carlton Ballroom, Providenciales, followed by a cocktail hour. 


Spearheaded by TCIAA’s Finance Team, the session marks a significant step in the TCIAA’s commitment to driving innovation, enhancing operational efficiency, and fostering sustainable growth in the aviation sector of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

The strategic session brought together department heads for a day-long convention to set clear expectations and objectives in line with the organization’s 2024-2025 budget. The morning segment featured remarks from the Minister of Immigration and Border Services, Honourable Arlington Musgrove, who emphasized the importance of aligning efforts with the organization’s goals amidst evolving industry challenges.

 “Within these challenges lie opportunities for innovation and growth,” said Musgrove. “Together, we have the power to shape the future of aviation in Turks & Caicos and  beyond.”

Permanent Secretary for Immigration & Border Services, Althea Been, highlighted the alignment of the session’s theme with the Government’s mission statement for the 2024-2025 Fiscal Year.


“More in 2024.” She discussed the Ministerial Sponsorship Letter, which includes government- allocated funds and specific directives for TCIAA.

“This sponsorship letter is a roadmap, steering our efforts and aligning our resources with the strategic goals set forth for the year,” said Been.

Strategic Goals for 2024-2025:

·        Howard Hamilton International Airport Redevelopment PPP: Initiating the procurement process to identify a preferred bidder by Q2 2024-25;

·        Clifford Gardiner International Airport Upgrades: Designing a new terminal and upgrading the runway by the third quarter of  2024 to 25;

·        Revenue Diversification, Corporate Governance, Technological Integration, and Environmental Sustainability: Fostering growth in key areas such as technology, customer service, and sustainability.

“These directives chart a clear path toward financial and operational improvements while reinforcing our commitment to governance and accountability,” said Been. “The fiscal resources allocated for FY2024-2025 are designed to foster growth in key areas such as technology, customer service, and sustainability.”

The session featured presentations from various department heads who outlined the purpose of their departments, reviewed the past year, addressed challenges, and set strategic objectives for the new financial year. They also highlighted the importance of inter-departmental collaboration in achieving these goals.

Presentations were followed by engaging in Q and A sessions that reflected on past accomplishments and outlined future objectives and strategies. Chairman of the TCIAA Board of Directors, Selvyn Hawkins, concluded the session with thought- provoking questions and shared his observations of each presentation.

He emphasized the importance of working collaboratively to elevate the Turks and Caicos Airports Authority and increase operational efficiency. The successful completion of this Strategic Alignment Session marks a forward-thinking step for the TCIAA, setting a solid foundation for the upcoming fiscal year.



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