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TCIFA Hosts First Ever Women’s Only Coaching Course

Some of the participants and instructors take time for a photo op before the start of their sessions

The first ever Turk and Caicos Islands CONCACAF Women’s C License Course is currently taking place at the TCI Academy off Venetian Road in Providenciales.

The event kicked off on Thursday evening and will run until Sunday, November 27.

The instructors for the course are Lenny Lake - Concacaf Coach Educator/Supervisor; Dane Ritchie - TCIFA's Technical Director; Damien Grant - TCIFA's Head of Coaching Education, as well as other supporting members of CONCACAF.

Ritchie told the press that the event was history-making.

“First Women’s Only C License Court is being done in the Turks and Caicos, so, it is a historic event for us, and it is also a push by CONCACAF, to get women involved in coaching throughout the Caribbean,” Ritchie said.

He said at the end of the session the participants should be able to coach players who are beginners, “Whether it being kids, teens are adults, the basics of the game. So that is what we are aiming for them to be able to do by the end of the course,” Ritchie pointed out.

Even though the course began on Thursday evening, the official launch is set for Saturday morning, coinciding with a girls’ football festival, which Ritchie said would essentially take the shape of a funday.

“So, we are going to get some players who are beginners in the game. So, we want to have an activity where they get to enjoy the sport and want to return and keep playing,” Ritchie said.

He added: “When they are finished, they are expected to take on coaching sessions within the (TCIFA) Programme or wherever else that they are able to do so. And then they would come back for an assessment period in about six weeks.”



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