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Teachers, Academy Eagles Score Wins In Women’s Premier League

Player of the match- Academy Eagles Women’s Football Club, Amika Jackson

Teachers and Academy Eagles scored wins in the latest Turks and Caicos Islands Football Association (TCIFA) Women’s Premier League on Friday.

In the first encounter, Teachers clipped SWA Sharks by a goal to nil, while in the feature encounter, Academy Eagles outscored Cheshire Hall 4-2.

The Teachers’ goal was scored by their number 7 player De'Aysia Seymour in the 22nd minute. That scored held out until full time. Seymour was named her team’s player of the match, while SWA Sharks named their number 2 player, Laribel Belen as their player of the game.

In the second encounter, Amika Jackson scored a double for the Academy Eagles to hand her team victory. Sara Cenary and Jodee Harvey scored a goal each.

Jackson broke the deadlock with just a minute gone on the referee’s clock, with Cenary doubling the lead in the 20th minute, to give the Eagles a 2-0 cushion heading into the halftime break.

Player of the match for SWA Sharks Laribel Belen

Jodee Harvey made it 3-0, when she netted in the 39th minute. However, Cheshire Hall did not lay down a play dead but instead lifted their game, which bore fruit in the 55th minute, when Daniel Hurtado found the back of the Eagles’ net. Three minutes later Yulian Dri Durrant -in the 58th minute, cut the lead further to 2-3. However, they could not stop Jackson from securing her double and her team’s fourth goal of the match, when she scored in the 60th minute.

Jackson, who wears the number10 jersey for the Eagles was name Player of the Match for her team, while Yulian Dri Durrant was named Player of the Match for Cheshire Hall.



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