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Her Excellency the Acting Governor chaired the 14th meeting of Cabinet on Wednesday 24 May 2023 at the Governor’s Office on Grand Turk.

All Members were present.

At this meeting Cabinet:

Approved the set-up of the Diaspora Office in Nassau, Bahamas by accepting the signing of a three year lease with FINCEN LIMITED.

Approved for the Ministry of Finance to waive accommodation tax payable by guests attending the 45th Regional Conference of the Caribbean, Americas and Atlantic of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association to be hosted in the Turks and Caicos Islands 21-28 July 2023.

Approved amendments to the Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Taxation Ordinance subject to consultation.

Approved with various considerations an MOU with GT Onshore Development Ltd.

Approved the fourth quarter financial report 2022/2023 for publication.

Approved amendments to the National Investment Policy 2016.

Approved a request for a Development Agreement/Order for Development Concessions for Provo Water Company Ltd (PWCo).

Discussed environmental concerns regarding dredging along Grace Bay and will develop a plan to mitigate any damage.

Approved a Sand Mining licence for the Strand.

Approved applications for Class A Processing and Export Licence to Caicos Seafood Ltd, Caicos Fisheries Ltd and Provo Seafood.

Approved with various considerations draft bill amendments to the Immigration Regulations 12 and Schedule 7 – Permanent Residence Permit Fees.

Approved amendments to the Airports Authority Ordinance to facilitate Modern Development Initiatives.

Noted the order of the Supreme Court for the award of taxation of cost to a named individual.

Approved proposals to introduce the regulation of Haitian cargo vessels under the provisions of the Code of Safety for Caribbean Cargo Ships.

Approved the proposed name change of the Department of Mental Health and Substance Dependence to the Department of Behavioural Health Services.

Noted the following Contract Award Notifications:

TCIG 01/2023, Airline Subsidy to Caicos Express Airways to engage airlift services to Salt Cay and South Caicos from Grand Turk for the period 30 May 2023 – 30 May 2024.

Various High Value Projects including:

TCIG 14/2022, TR 22/12, Purchase of Vehicle for FIA;

TCIG 16/2022, TR 22/14, Purchase of Vehicle for Informal Settlement Unit;

TCIG 25/2022, TR 22/21, Consultancy Services for TCI Public Service Pay and grading Review;

TCIG 34/2022, TR 22/29, Consultancy Services for Tourism Carrying Capacity Study;

TCIG 43/2022, TR 22/40, Vehicle for Financial Crimes Unit; PN 005561, TR 22/22 South Dock Port Redevelopment – Technical Support for Phases 1 and 2; PN 005561, TR 22/23 South Dock Port Redevelopment – Consultancy to design South Dock Fuel Discharge Mooring; PN 005561, TR 22/24, South Dock Port Redevelopment – Consultancy Services for the Preparation of design and Costs for Phases 3 and 4; PN 005667, SSP, Border Force Improvement Project – Three Phase Power (resubmission); PN 005725, SSP, CCTV for Police.

Approved with various considerations the terms for the Hadley Investments Ltd MOU with a view to enter into a Development Agreement.

Approved with various considerations the approach to collect Tourism Guest Levy for the Destination Management Organisation.

Approved the renewal of the Policy for the Caribbean Catastrophic Risk Insurance Facility for 2023/2024.

Approved an application for a licence over Parcel 10101/24 for a named individual for the purposes of developing a drive in theatre.

Approved an application by the proprietors of Strata Plan No 67 for a lease or licence over accredited land seaward of Parcel 60905/206; Approved an application by Blue Roc Properties Ltd for a licence to establish a swim deck seaward of Parcels 60612/220 and 60612/221 located at Norway and Five Cays.

Approved the following appointments to the TCI Sport Commission Board:

Mr Shanwell Gardiner for two (2) years as Chairman;

Mrs Tamara Basset for two (2) years as a board member;

Approved an amendment to the current Development Order/Agreement between TCI; Toscana GP ltd, Vista development Ltd and the TCIG to reflect a new completion date of October 31 2027.

Approved with various considerations a Development Agreement with Hamilton University.

Approved amendments to the Road Traffic Ordinance – Import Permit;

Approved amendments to the Road Traffic Ordinance – Traffic Signals.



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