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Voices from the Streets Part 6-A Success Story

Anthony Missick (left) with columnist Nixon Dickenson

By Nixon Dickenson

In this week’s article in the series Voices from the Streets Part 6, I would like to share with you what I consider a success story. This is the story of Anthony Missick a young man who understands the value of using his gift to make room for his blessings.

 Anthony is a small business owner, and he produces and sells homemade ice cream from his home and vehicle. On the days when cruise ships are in Grand Turk, he can be found in the cruise village selling this local delight to the tourists. His variety of ice cream flavors include rum and raisin, coconut, ginger, butter pecan, and guinnep.

He is currently working on his logo and his goal is to one day be able to purchase an ice cream truck.  What I wish to highlight about him is that he has identified a profitable market that enables him to showcase his culinary skills as a young man in this country. 

His positive mindset and willingness to work hard will help him to develop a brand that will be synonymous with keeping our local food culture alive.  At a time when so many of our young people are preoccupied with get-rich-quick schemes that often lead to them engaging in negative behavior, this young man is willing to take his time, develop his craft, and put in honest work. 

He understands too well the importance of mental and physical wellness and spends his time running and working out in the gym using these positive activities to rejuvenate after a hard day of work.  Here is a young man who is not waiting for an opportunity but is seizing opportunities as they arise.  His ambitions are no longer driven by a fast lifestyle or fast money but by a selfless desire to start at the beginning and work his way to the top. He shared that having a small business helps to keep his mind focused on positive ways that he can make a difference in his community. 

He lamented the many young persons who have lost their lives to violence in a short space of time and wished that they could have taken a different approach to addressing the challenges that they faced.  Nevertheless, he still believes that there is hope as there was a time when he too found himself at a dark point in his life, and he is grateful that he was given another opportunity to make a new start. 

Anthony’s story is not unique to him but is the story of many young people trying to have a story of success. Doing the right thing is never easy and sometimes turning to the streets seems like the only ultimatum; however, everyone has to make a choice and the best choice to make is one where you choose life.  



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