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‘Washy’ and ‘The Sheriff’ can’t STOP the Sloops – Robert Been Jr.

 The following is a statement from Deputy Leader of the Opposition People's Democratic Movement (PDM).

In just under a week this PNP administration would be entering its third year as the government of the Turks and Caicos Islands, these last three years has been the most acrimonious for the people of the Turks and Caicos as it relates to the Border Security of these islands.

With a record number of illegal sloop landings, our latest being on the quaint isle of Salt Cay, with over one hundred persons illegally breaching our borders. Again, there is virtual silence from the Premier and his minister of border security.

After three years to implement an effective national border security strategy and provide the necessary resources to combat this urgent national security matter, this government chose to play politics by delaying the procurement of the resources needed by our law enforcement personnel until an election year.

This kind of political roulette has cost this country lives and will continue to do so because political gamesmanship seems to be more expedient than the security of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Currently, there sits a non-commissioned coastal radar system in a warehouse on the airport road for the past three years that this government refused to prioritize for installation, a resource that could have prevented incidents like the one on Salt Cay and other islands, by simply installing the second Radar system in a strategic location that would have double the coverage area to detect possible illegal sloops and high-speed boats, but the Premier and his minister of border security choose not to do so.

With this level of indecisiveness and leadership, the Turks and Caicos people are asking where is the Sheriff of immigration and border control, what is he focused on? Certainly not the protection of our borders.

Whilst intelligence has shown the inextricable link of the importation of firearms and ammunition into these islands by illegal sloops and high-speed boats, that has led to the death of many of our young men, women, children, and innocent citizens this government continues to not prioritize the security of our borders, they have demonstrated over the last three years that they do not have the know how or a plan to adequately address this matter.

The inability of this current PNP Government, led by Premier Hon. Washington Misick, cannot produce a single effective policy related to securing the borders of the Turks and Caicos Islands and by extension, the security of its citizens and residents.



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