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Winston Pasuris the extraordinary housekeeping leader at BTC

Winston Pasuris, a 23 year veteran housekeeping supervisor at Beaches Turks and Caicos (BTC) resort lives by the mantra, a leader in the hospitality industry in the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way, especially to the team he or she leads.

Winston Pasuris

Arriving in South Caicos at the age of six months, this consummate professional, started his career at BTC in November 1999 following prior years of experience on cruise vessels. Winston’s vision of staying on land and caring for his children was the main reason for him to walk away from life on the high seas and walk through the doors of the resort as a housekeeping supervisor.

A single father who beams whenever he talks about his children, Pasuris prides himself on providing the best service to not only the guests at the all-inclusive family resort, but those he leads. “Being asked to lead a team calls for patience, discipline and lots of training. Each leader is tasked with being a team player firstly, then to be a conscious leader before being afforded the responsibility of leading a team. Each day on the job is an opportunity to learn something new and apply what I have learnt in the courses that are offered to all resort team members,” Pasuris shared. While sharing his growth within the industry, Pasuris was quick to point out the many leaders who have mentored him throughout his journey and the value added component each has contributed to his development.

“I’ve had the support and guidance of three very strong leaders within the company whose leadership styles I have emulated and incorporated into my day to day management. Shawn DaCosta who currently serves as the Chief Operations Officer; Adrian Whitehead who is currently the general manager at Sandals Royal Bahamian, and Sharon Fagon, current hotel manager here at Beaches Turks and Caicos. Each has a different style of leadership, but all three have groomed me into becoming the leader I am today,” Pasuris added.

For his part, James McAnally, general manager at Beaches Turks and Caicos, shared that Pasuris has been a great asset through the years, noting, “Winston is a stellar leader whose demeanour and work ethic has allowed those he leads to be empowered, comfortable and shine through their own growth. He is one of those persons you want to have around you in challenging times as he will remain focused on the tasks at hand and be willing to recommend solutions.” Carey Turnquest, French Village manager added, “A gentle giant is this man who oozes confidence and always with a calm demeanour. Winston is always willing to help the team to turn opportunities into success as he helps in making this environment most comfortable for his colleagues and guests alike.”

Advancement within the hospitality industry with Beaches Turks and Caicos is at the fingertips of each team member as the opportunity for growth remains at the forefront for the organisation. Pasuris continues to grow while being empowered by those who have mentored him, as he remains committed to help in empowering those he has been tasked to lead.

Said Pasuris, “My biggest challenge within the organisation is whenever I am faced with hurdles that I can’t overcome on my own as I like to find solutions. I have learnt, however, to depend on my team and this for me makes it my biggest strength, as I have learnt that in order to be the best at what I do, I can rely on the full support of my team and the management of the company.”

Reflecting on the personal support he has also come to count on from the BTC team, Pasuris highlighted the passage of a hurricane back in 2017. “During the hurricane, the management team provided the opportunity for team members who may face challenges with their homes to stay on resort. This allowed me to have my young son also with me during what turned out to be a scary time. This is just one of the reasons why I remain very appreciative of the value this organisation has for, and how it supports its team members,” Pasuris said.

Housekeeping manager, Jennifer Lee shared, “Winston is one of those leaders who is more than capable of adapting to any environment and never allows situations to have him daunted. During difficult times, he is one of the first to mobilise his team to find solutions to any challenge that we may face as a department. This quality is very important especially within this industry and I am happy Pasuris is a part of our team.”



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