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Barbara Lyn Missick, Helping Children to Explore the Art & Craft at BTC

Barbara Lyn Missick Senior Crafter at Beaches Turks and Caicos shows off some of the art and craft pieces that she has in the art and craft studio at the resort.

Children live what they learn. With this in mind, the Beaches Turks and Caicos Kids Camp department is ensuring that children who visit this award-winning all-inclusive family resort are able to find joy in being creative, all under the guidance of experienced ‘crafters’ such as Senior Crafter, Barbara Lyn Missick.

Within its cadre of offerings, the Kids Camp department provides craft, games, and a myriad of fun activities for children of all ages. Missick, who joined the company 24 years ago in September 199,8 has been fostering a creative environment for children to learn art and craft, or just enjoy the opportunity to express their creativity through their own unique designs. According to Missick, “I believe that in order to lead the craft area of this resort, one must have a passion for creativity, a high level of patience, and motherly instincts. Being able to experience children, and sometimes their parents too, entering the creative arts centre and at the end of the day they are able to celebrate the finished product of their hard, but fun labour, is always rewarding. Art and craft for me has been a transformation from a mere passion to becoming a career, primarily due to what this resort has been able to offer to families who visit our shores.

Barbara Lyn Missick (left) shares an art and craft tip with Kayanne Julien, Kids Camp manager at Pirate Islands in her studio

“Being a part of the BTC family has allowed me to thrive in a very comfortable environment where I have grown professionally and earned significantly while doing something that I enjoy. This craft centre within the Kids Camp is never seen as work as I am able to create an environment where I can see children smile and have a great time every day and I am rewarded whenever returning families make a specific request for me to teach their children,” the resort veteran continued.

Missick went on to add, “Ideas for craft within the area have been born out of the natural environment inspired by the different islands of the Turks & Caicos, hence the opportunity to teach and share the culture of our island home has positioned me to be an ambassador to our visitors and I love it!”.

“The vast levels of leadership available at BTC present great opportunities to grow as a professional and are just some of the main influencers for my longevity with the resort as I have grown from camp counselor to crafter, then to senior crafter and look forward to even more advancement.

"In addition, the chance to help in the development of this skilled area, especially with the younger team members has created a symbiotic relationship where we build this department as a team. Sharing with my colleagues while learning new and more modern techniques daily, allows us to evolve into being the best all-inclusive family,” Missick shared.

On building prospective leaders within the organisation, general manager James McAnally highlighted the values needed for a strong leader like Barbara. Said McAnally: “Being able to satisfy the creative needs of our guests and especially the children, is of paramount importance at a family resort such as ours. Barbara’s impact within this area is undoubtedly immeasurable.

"Her creative prowess has allowed our young guests to be at home with the arts and craft through which they get the chance to express themselves. Barbara has been that champion who has given great effort in building and maintaining this area of the Kids Camp at BTC and we are proud to have her as part of our team.”

Sherly Joseph, counselor at the Kids Camp was quick to highlight her own experiences, learning from Barbara. Joseph said, “As a young professional, being able to work with Barbara is like sitting in a classroom. She is a reservoir of knowledge. She is always willing to share her skills and creativity while teaching those around her the value of working within this industry. She is like a mother to all of us.”

Barbara is never one to shy away from sharing life and professional experiences with those around her as she lives the company’s mandate of succession planning especially within her skilled area.

“I’m always willing to encourage our younger employees - follow your dreams and ensure that as you work, seek to learn something new every day. I always say to them, invest your time and skills in what you do as you can only become a better professional with each experience,” Missick concluded.



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