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Beaches Staff Treated To Culinary Special

A human Resource Team Member serves the staff

The department of human resources at Beaches Turks and Caicos (BTC) recently treated the team members at the resort to a scrumptious welcome breakfast special.

Culinary stations were set up to serve delectable delights such as ackee patties, chicken patties, chicken souse, Johnny cake and dinner rolls. There was also a wide assortment of hot and cold beverages.

The great music and positive vibration all around lifted the energy of those who dined as well as the team members who served their fellow co-workers with genuinely warm smiles.

Team members, Juline Heaven and Kenesha Stewart, from the housekeeping department, emphasized how appreciative they are of the gesture. Juline shared, “it is a very thoughtful gesture to positively start the day. I appreciate all the members of the team who continue to make staff appreciation initiatives like this, a possibility.”

Staff members were treated to a variety foods and beverages

Kenesha candidly explained that she did not have time for breakfast at home, hence, this gesture was timely. “The plantain porridge and juice were well needed to energize me for the day. This was a great initiative,” she noted.

Bernard Florvil, from the maintenance department while enjoying the culinary delights shared, “even though we have staff restaurants here that serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, this sunny side up activity has created a positive feel for all team members. We are grateful for this gesture.”

Assistant Human Resource Manager, Roxanne Wade, expressed how much she looks forward to making her Beaches family feel special. “They are simply the best so they deserve the best.” She further added, “Starting the work day can be very hectic so our plan to have a morning treat was deliberate. Once we get our team members’ day started right, that positive energy flows throughout.”

General Manager James McAnally (centre) also took part in treating the staff

General Manager James McAnally while serving the team members shared how satisfying the mission was for him as the leader. “Being able to serve my team is a humbling experience for any leader. This initiative has truly provided a positive start for the team.”



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