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Beauty Queen Breaks Silence on Criticism Over Wearing Simultaneous Crowns

Aaliyah Elliott sits down with the ‘Let's Get Candid Co-Host’, Lori Hall, to discuss her historic accomplishment.

Aaliyah Elliott, the reigning Miss Regatta and Miss Grand Turk was the first guest of the pioneering interview show Trailblazing Chat, premiered August 14 on the Open Thought Communications Youtube and Facebook Channels.

Elliot, who is the first to win two beauty crowns in the same year, sat down with the ‘Let's Get Candid Co-Host’, Lori Hall, to discuss her historic accomplishment. The conversation explored Aaliyah’s childhood and the different experiences that led her to participate in beauty pageants.

Pageants globally often come under a lot of criticisms, and the Turks and Caicos Islands is no exception. Aaliyah got candid with the host, opening up about the criticism she had received as the holder of two crowns.

Some hold the belief that pageants should be regulated in the Turks and Caicos Islands restricting winners from participating in other island pageants.

However, Aaliyah believes pageants should not be regulated and that winners of one island pageant entering others will force the other contestants to “step up their game”.

The Miss Turks and Caicos Islands Beauty Pageant has not been held since 2014. Shanice Williams is still our reigning Queen after eight years. Aaliyah also advocated for the reinstatement of Miss Turks and Caicos and plans to enter if it returns in 2023.

Trailblazing Chats is a series where Trailblazers talk about the trails they paved for future generations. Pioneers, innovators, influencers, and lifelong learners share their illustrious paths and individual experiences on this show to immerse viewers in their world.

The series is being produced by Leonardo “Leo” Lightbourne and Nolan “Nolz” Smith, the owners of Open Thought Communication. Leo Lightbourne shared that the goal of Trailblazing Chats is to inspire the next generation to follow the trail to excellence.

“I believe that too often as a youth; we believe we have to invent the wheel and while some innovation is necessary, there are also some core values and beliefs we must learn to achieve greatness too. Trailblazing Chats takes viewers through the trails of these pioneers and explores the life lessons and experiences that led to their historical achievements,” Lightbourne said.

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