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BTC Fetes Mathematics Champions

Shecaniah Robertson (left) and Emilly Charles float alongthe lazy river

Beaches Turks and Caicos recently treated talented mathematics champions Shecaniah Robertson and Emilly Charles and their families to a day filled with fun and excitement in recognition of their feat as the champions of the inaugural Turks and Caicos Islands Ministry of Education mathematics competition.

Robertson and Charles, grade six students at Oseta Jolly Primary School in Providenciales, walked away winners in the recently held competition at the Gustavus Lightbourne Sports Complex turning back the challenge from 13 other primary schools. Beaches Turks & Caicos were supporting sponsors of the much-heralded academic event.

General Manager, James McAnally in welcoming the students and their families shared, “As a resort, we believe in championing educational advancement and opportunities and it was our pleasure to lend support for the competition with the provision of prizes.

" We are pleased to welcome our mathematics champions and their families and share the many amenities of our resort with them as a reward for their hard work. We remain excited to encourage future participants to work just as hard and come celebrate with us.”

Emilly Charles and sibling (left) and Shecaniah Robertson and sibling float along the lazy river

As the saying goes, to the victors belong the spoils, as Robertson and Charles reaped the fruits of their hard work courtesy of a day pass for four at the luxury-included Beaches Turks and Caicos.

For Robertson, it was well received. “WOW… this is a beautiful place. The team members here are kind and accommodating and they made us feel like we are tourists. The waterpark was the most ideal place for us to start and it was so much fun. The activities that we enjoyed included exploring and having fun at the Pirates Island.”

Her teammate and friend, Emilly added, “The food was good. We had the chance to dine at many of the restaurants and the variety was really great. Pirates Island Waterpark with slides, and X-Box room alone can finish the day if we had not gone to the beach to do any watersports or other restaurants or participate in any of the fun activities that were organised.”

Said Ava Robertson, mother of Shecaniah, “I am overwhelmed and very thankful to the Beaches Turks and Caicos resort and its general manager, Mr. McAnally for making this day so special and memorable for us as a family. This is a great motivation as these girls will now see that whenever they work hard academically, these perks will be forthcoming and we hope to be back soon.”

Emilly’s father, Edley Charles, who was a part of the day of frolicking believes it was a day well deserved. This, as he reflected on and spoke proudly of his daughter’s hard work and commitment in studying. “It’s not difficult to support her, in fact, it is quite easy. This is because she is disciplined. When you find a child who listens, parenting and coaching become a bit easier because her studying habits can develop faster.

“Mathematics is a subject that calls for practice and mental discipline. Emilly is a child who enjoys the challenge and the competition they have won in order to be here. This is a good foundation for what our schools are doing in this subject area. For the Beaches Turks and Caicos to be major sponsor and provide for the champions this reward shows that the resort believes in the development of the children and people of Turks and Caicos. This is a commendable act on behalf of this corporate giant who puts their money where their mouth is, in building the nation, one child at a time,” Charles continued.

An ecstatic Emilly could barely contain her excitement following her first experience at the water park. “This experience is almost magical. These activities were only seen by me in magazines, but Beaches Turks and Caicos has allowed us to enjoy all the fun activities that tourists pay to come to this island to enjoy. As for my friend and I, we have achieved this dream occasion because of our academic discipline and the support that this resort has been giving to the children and for the development of education.”

Emilly’s teammate Shecaniah added, “Winning the competition was a very exciting time, but being here to live out this prize is like a dream come true. We were able to have fun and enjoy different kinds of meals. Emilly and I have been waiting for this celebration and I am happy that we are able to enjoy this treat from this world class resort.”

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