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Captain Francis Glinton Gets UK Defence Academy, Leadership Academy Training

Captain Glinton (left) collects his certification

Captain Francis Glinton of the Turks and Caicos Islands Regiment believes that the “Building Integrity among Senior leaders” course held at the United Kingdom Defence Academy, Leadership Center, Bekkent House will not only assist his development but also the country.

“This Training Course was very informative and insightful. Indeed, I wish to extend profound thanks to the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom for such a privilege, being invited to the Defence Leadership Center in Bekkent House,” Captain Glinton said.

Glinton pointed out that since registering for the Building Integrity among Senior Leaders Course and engaging with the content around the topics discussed on policing, military risks, interface and leadership in addressing corruption, it has equipped him with the relevant information and resources to be effective in executing his duties.

Captain Glinton (third left) with other TC Islanders who participated in the United Kingdom Defence Academy, Leadership Center, Bekkent House

“Additionally, it was beneficial to receive informal training on Public Finance Management, Fraud, Risks and Audit, Corruption Risks in Procurement, including Corruption Risks in Security Complex Environments and Media Strategic Communications.

“I envision that these key components will prove resourceful for the Turks and Caicos Islands Regiment as we continue building platforms in our infancy stage especially throughout the leadership core,” Glinton continued.

Glinton expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to attend this Course… “ Not only as I a representative of the TCI Regiment, but also as an ambassador for the Turks and Caicos Islands,” he said.

The shared knowledge and guidance I have received from Senior Law Enforcement Leaders of 18 different countries will surely remain with me throughout the years.”



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