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Cassie Walters, Kids Camp Counselor at BTC, Building Careers with Children

Cassie Walters, Kids Camp Counselor at Beaches Turks and Caicos pauses from completing her documentation for a photograph.

Leading a dynamic team of caregivers who are committed to ensuring a memorable vacation for adults and children at Beaches Turks and Caicos (BTC) is the primary mission of veteran Kids Camp Counselor, Cassie Walters.

Starting her career with BTC on September 7, 1997, the Turks and Caicos native and senior camp counsellor remains resolute in giving each guest more than he or she expects.

Being in charge of the camp and overseeing babies under one year old, the fun loving, and bubbly persona has cemented herself as a leader and trainer in the department. Starting her career as a room attendant, then a laundry attendant, Walters received her initial training and was exposed to the Kids Camp as a counsellor.

“When I started in this area, I was intimidated at first, even though I am a mom of four children. Being able to have guests take their babies and entrust them to us to care for them while they are on vacation is an awesome responsibility, and one that we do not take for granted. Every child is different and we have to be patient and treat each one as if he or she is the only one we are caring for on any given day,” Walters shared.

“Parents feel more comfortable whenever they know that a caregiver understands the needs of each child and is able to care for them.”

Alecia Fenelus (right) Camp Sesame Manager and Cassie Walters, Kids Camp Counselor share a moment as they finalize documentation at the Kids Camp at Beaches Turks and Caicos

Children’s Activities Manager for BTC, Fedeline Julien, when asked about Cassie shared how privileged she is to have her as a member of her team. “Cassie is one of those quiet yet dominant leaders who we have in the department. She has been able to mentor new team members which really helps to make the vacation experience for guests using the Kids Camp more comforting.”

General Manager James McAnally added, “Cassie is meticulous and committed to the department and the resort. Her biggest asset is being that leader who is able to share in educating the resort staff especially for autism awareness and child care. She is one of the major driving forces behind the success of the Kids Camp and helps to mentor new team members in her department.”

As a trainer, Cassie has completed courses in early childhood education, coaching, supervising others and customer service. While she continues to impact those she leads in her department, Cassie is also encouraging others to explore a career in the hospitality industry.

“Young people interested in working with children are encouraged to start here at Beaches Turks and Caicos. International training and certification in early childhood education among a list of other education opportunities are provided by the company for all those who work in this department,” Walters shared.


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