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Clement Howell's Love Joseph Triumphs in 3000m at Bahamas Meet

JOSEPH…“I plan to do better than last time, and I hope that when I do better at CARIFTA this time around, it would motivate other children to do better as well.”

In a remarkable display of skill and determination, Clement Howell High School's student athlete, Love Joseph, emerged victorious in the U17 boys' 3000m event at the DTSP Wolf Pack Track Club invitational in Nassau, Bahamas, held on January 20th, 2024.

 Despite expressing some disappointment with his time, Joseph's performance showcased his resilience and potential as a long-distance runner.

Clocking a time of 9:47.40 seconds, Love Joseph secured the top spot in the 3000m, demonstrating his prowess and tenacity on the track. The young athlete also showcased his versatility by claiming the second position in the competitive 1500m race, where he stood out as the top performer in his age group.

Reflecting on his performance, Joseph acknowledged the competitiveness of the meet, highlighting the presence of other promising athletes in both races. Despite not achieving the desired time, he viewed the experience as crucial for identifying areas of improvement and refining his execution.

Joseph shared his thoughts on the meet, stating, "It was a competitive meet," and emphasized the need to work on certain technical aspects to enhance his performance. He expressed determination to address weaknesses and make significant strides in preparation for the upcoming CARIFTA games.

Regarding his goals for CARIFTA 2024, Joseph articulated a clear vision for success. He acknowledged the need for improvement in both his times and overall performance, emphasizing his commitment to daily training. Joseph's dedication extends beyond the track, as he detailed his routine of gym workouts and extensive online research to enhance his skills.

“The 3000m was an eyeopener for the season opener. I still have some things that I need to work on, so I will be able to place on the podium at CARIFTA. In the 1500 I did not perform as I wanted to. But overall, I think it was a good environment for long distance runners like me,” he said.

“I did not get the time that I want, but I think the race was what a season opener should be, because I was able to identify weaknesses, and what I need to work on. And for CARIFT 2024, I am prepared to stand on the podium again with a better medal than last time. I am working towards that every day of the week. If I am not at the track, I am at the gym, I am on the internet…I am on Google…I am on Youtube, and I am constantly working towards my goal.

With aspirations to stand on the podium at CARIFTA with a more substantial medal than before, Joseph emphasized the positive impact he hopes to have on his peers. He aims to inspire other young athletes in the Turks and Caicos Islands, recognizing the strength of the local track community.

Under the guidance of his coach, Mr. Randy Ford, Joseph expressed confidence in the potential for growth and success. The focus on refining techniques and continuous hard work positions Joseph and his coach on a trajectory toward achieving significant milestones in the realm of track and field.

As he sets his sights on CARIFTA 2024, the Turks and Caicos Islands can anticipate an inspiring journey of dedication, improvement, and the pursuit of excellence in the world of track and field.

“I plan to do better than last time, and I hope that when I do better at CARIFTA this time around, it would motivate other children to do better as well. I know that the Turks and Caicos has a wonderful community of track. With my new coach, Mr. (Randy) Ford, I can see us going far, as we work on techniques that would make us get better,” Joseph said.



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