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Deputy Governor & CSA President Meet to Discuss Key Public Service Matters

Deputy Governor Her Excellency Anya Williams and President of the Civil Service Association Mr Demarco Williams held a briefing session recently to discuss key matters pertaining to the TCI Public Service.

The Deputy Governor took the opportunity to brief the President on behalf of the CSA on Cabinet’s recent approval of the reinstatement of the Public Service Pension and Gratuity program and the next steps involving the design of the program, legislation and other work which will be done through consultation.

She also updated on the public service recruitment program for 2021/2022, the focus of the Professional Development Fund and Training Program as well as other public service matters.

The President advised the success of the CSA’s Incentive and Rewards Program where to date partnerships had been made with over 20 business establishments to provide discounted services to public servants and his efforts to introduce a rewards program for outstanding public servants.

The President also during the meeting took the opportunity to provide the Deputy Governor with her CSA Membership card.

Commenting on the meeting and the continued work of the CSA, Deputy Governor Williams said:

“It is always a pleasure to meet with the CSA to update on the work that my office is doing as well as to hear from them on their continued work and plans.

As we both have very important jobs to do in representing the best interest of the public service, it is important that we work together in partnership in doing so.

I commend the CSA on the work that they are doing, particularly as it relates to their rewards and incentive program.

As a member of the CSA myself, I encourage staff that have not yet done so, to register to be a part of the organization that continues to work on their behalf.”

CSA President Demarco Williams on commenting said:

“It has taken a tremendous amount of work not only to build the Association but more importantly for Civil Servants to regain confidence in the Association. I would like to applaud my team for their continued support and encourage Civil Servants to be a part of this Great Association because Together we surely can move mountains.

I would also like to Thank the Deputy Governor and her office for continuing to work in collaboration with the Association in the best interest of all Civil Servants. “

The parties agreed to continue their monthly meetings going forward to discuss the process and concerns of the civil service and to work on potential projects that both organizations could collaborate on.



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