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Digicel TCI Celebrates 17 Years With Fun, Frolic And Food

A live band was on hand to entertain the many persons who stopped by the celebration

Digicel Turks and Caicos celebrated it 17th year in the Turks and Caicos Islands with plethora of activities at its headquarters along Leeward Highway on Friday, July 7.

The day’s activities include a live band, a parade of nations of different nationalities represented in the TCI, sumptuous foods for the public and fund for the children.

“It is our pleasure to celebrate not only with our team and staff, but to celebrate without customers,” declared Addison Stoddard, CEO of Digicel TCI.

The various food booths at the Digicel 17th Anniversary Celebration

He pointed out that Digicel has grown leaps and bounds over the near 20 years that it has hammered its stakes in the TCI telecommunications market, boasting that over the period the regional telecommunications provider has seen its network grown from a 2 Generation provider to now Long-Term Evolution (LTE) delivery, which also caters to internet.

“We have made a long journey. We have seen our network grow from just offering 2G services to 3G services, now to LTE. And of course, we now have our fancy fiber network, to bring internet and connectivity to the homes of every Turks and Caicos Islander,” Stoddard said.

There were a variety of sumptuous foods on hand

He added: “But not only that, we have spread our wings and offer great business services, where we can provide services to government and companies alike. And of course, we are now venturing into ‘smart home’ – security for your home, which is, of course, critical at this time.

“So, we have really morphed and grown into not just a provider of mobile services, but a provider of connectivity services. Of course, we are better together, and 17 years of being better together is where we are at today.”

For its 17th anniversary operating in the TCI, Digicel is offering a great deal of goodies, including a Graceway Supermarket Shopping Spree. To be eligible for the shopping spree, customers must activate a 30-day Prime Ultra Bundle, which is valued at $46.


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