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Electric Fire Scare At Ona Glinton Primary School

The Ona Glinton Primary School in Grand Turk experienced an electric fire scare today but quick action by members of staff ensure the safety of all the students.

The following is the statement from the Ministry of Education:

On 24 January 2023, the administrators of the Ona Glinton Primary School were made aware of flickering lights in various classrooms on the compound. In response to this, Public Works Department (PWD) was contacted to address the concerns.

Upon examination of an electrical meter box by PWD personnel, it was discovered that the box was aflame, causing total loss of electricity to the entire school facility. The school’s Critical Incident Management Fire Evacuation Plan was immediately activated, and staff and students were promptly removed from the classrooms to the designated safe area.

The Minister of Education, Hon Rachel M Taylor, expressed her gratitude to the staff for their swift actions to ensure the safety of students. She also thanked the parents for the quick response to collect students from the school compound.

Representatives of the Public Works Department and Fortis TCI are on the compound working to address the issue and restore electricity to the school.

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