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Farming In Schools Celebrates One Year

The Department of Education, in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture, celebrates one year of "Farming in Schools."

According to a government news release, the goal of the initiative was to help students create avenues for success while ensuring they are given every opportunity to enhance skills and understanding in the fields that lead to social and economic growth for the country.

Under the initiative, schools were provided with the necessary resources, such as pots, tools, soil, seed, irrigation, and fencing. In addition, teachers were trained by the Department of Education and Agriculture on establishing a farm and integrating farming concepts across various subject areas.

Since then, schools have been reaping various fruits and vegetables that are sold to community members as a means of teaching entrepreneurship. In some cases, reaped vegetables were used to make breakfast for students.

“The Department of Education would like to thank Mr. Mario Smith, from the Department of Agriculture for his technical and informational support throughout this program,” the news release said. “His expertise and guidance have been an integral part of the overall success. In addition, the teachers and teachers have worked relentlessly to upkeep their farms this academic year.”

The Farming in Schools project has been implemented in 15 public schools, and piloted in two private schools. More schools are expected to be added to the new 2023/2024 term program.


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