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The Ports of Call entrance on Tuesday in the aftermath of Fiona

From all indications it appears the Turks and Caicos Islands have been spared the brunt of Hurricane Fiona, which dumped buckets of water and packed powerful winds on the archipelago on Tuesday.

Aside from a few down trees, power lines, displacing of plywood billboards here and there, and water collection on parts or the roadways and on some premises, structural damage to properties has been quite minimal.

No deaths or injuries were reported.

The Providenciales International Airport wasted little time in reopening its entire facilities after assessment revealed that no damage was recorded.

The report from some resorts is that there will be much more cleaning-up than repair works. At some hotel properties the wind and rip current have resulted in sand covering outdoor furniture and other surfaces.

Some properties reported that during Fiona’s passages, water seeped into some rooms through door and window fissures. But no major water collection was recorded.

Minister of Infrastructure Hon. Akierra Missick, giving general report on island-to-island impact, stated that there were minimal damage and negligible localized floodings. She said the Wellness Centre on that Island has, however, sustained some damage.

On North Caicos, several large trees were uprooted, some blocking roadways on that island. Excepted for localized floodings, there has not been report of much damage on the country’s capital Grand Turk, which did not experience, according to reports, much of the storm.

The government plans to do a greater assessment of the storm’s passage.

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