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Government MP Jamell Robinson Warns Against Complacency

If members of the Washington Misick Administration lost sight of the main reason the electorate handed them the reins of power, they could experience a similar fate as the ousted Peoples Democratic Movement (PDM) administration.

This stark warning came from At-Large Member of Parliament Hon. Jamell Robison, during his two-minute speech to the House of Assembly in the country’s capital, Grand Turk, on Thursday, June 10.

Presenting his speech under the theme, “Service above self,” Robinson counselled his colleagues that the responsibility given to them should not be taken lightly, but rather should be treated as an opportunity to better the lives of the people who sent them to govern.

“We have been entrusted with the responsibility to serve the people of these beautiful by nature islands for the next four years and, we should not take this lightly.

“Be forewarned that if we forget our reason for being here, which is to serve, we, too, might suffer the fate of those that preceded us,” he cautioned.

The former PDM government went into February’s election with 10 seats in the 15-elected seat legislature, but were routed at the polls, losing nine of them, including that of the Premier Hon. Sharlene Cartwright Robinson.

“I call on every Turks and Caicos Islander to serve your fellowman and woman, to bring out the greatness within you,” he urged.

Quoting internationally renowned life-coach and author, Jim Rohn, Robinson told the house that greatness is unlocked when one begins to serve. He said the Progressive National Party (PNP) administration has vowed to ensure that the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands are better served to the best of its ability.

“Over that period I’ve had time to slow down and reflect on why we all were sent here. The question that came to mind was one that Jim Rohn posed. He asked ‘What is the key to greatness? The key to greatness is to find a way to serve many people.’

“Indeed, the people’s house and the people’s government will strive for greatness, as we have committed to serve many people. And in the words of the Father of the house, Hon. Samuel Been, Member for Cheshire Hall and Richmond Hill, that is not a political promise, that’s a political commitment,” Robinson continued.

He added: “Jim further stated that ‘The more you serve the greater your fortune’, and we are all fortunate to be in this honorable chamber as it is a testament to the service we have all given in some measure throughout our lives.

“I leave you with these words by former UK Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli: ‘Nothing can resist the will of a people that will stake even their existence on the extent of their purpose for good.” I repeat, ‘Nothing can resist the will of a people that will stake even their existence on the extent of their purpose for good.’ We must find our purpose and nothing can stop us.”


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