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Ground breaks for $25m Eco-friendly Hotel on Provo

The Sanctuary – a $25m – residence hotel project broke ground for construction on Thursday, June 10 at Flamingo Lake off Venetian Road in Providenciales.

Deputy Premier Hon. E. Jay Saunders (right) along with Minister for Tourism Josephine Connolly (third from right) join local developer Trevor Musgrove (second right), his partner Todd Foss (third from left), Sean O'Neill, Managing Director for 'The Agency' and Scott Khile, Vice President Sales & Marketing of Grace Bay Resorts in breaking ground for construction of The Sanctuary hotel project.

Another exciting news is that the project is being principaled by a Turks and Caicos Islander in the person of young businessman Trevor Musgrove.

The low-density development - 3 and 4 bedroom Lake-houses - each having over

125 feet of parcel frontage, is set to be managed by five-star hotel chain the Grace Bay Resorts.

According to the developers, the gated community benefits from a single road through the only land border, with the site otherwise surrounded by water; reinforcing the sense of calm synonymous with the lake.

They said also that interior spaces are principally orientated to the main pool and the waters beyond. Utilising advanced building technology, the developers pointed out that the Lake House also offers a sustainable and enduring property, while providing a unique waterfront architecture.

In addition to adequate parking, the facility also provides an entry bridge, entrance lobby, living space, kitchen/dining, pantry, laundry, nook, powder room, en-suite bathroom, pool terrace, pool and outdoor dining.

The project is designed by world-renowned and award-winning architects, Blee Halligan.

The facilities include:

- a yoga and workout pavilion;

- workspace pavilion;

- fire-pit amphitheatre and citrus grove;

- non-motorized watersports;

- EV charging station;

Addressing the ground-breaking, Musgrove pointed out that the project was very special to him in more ways than one.

“I first discovered this piece of property, here on Venetian Road, about five years ago and immediately fell in love with it,” he said, revealing that he has been living in the area for more than 20 years.

“Growing up in North Caicos, all we had were big dreams, ideas and determination. We were forced to learn the value of hard work, we were taught that whatever we set our minds to we could achieve. These lessons fuel our drive today,” he added.

He said that his real estate entity, The Agency, of which he is TCI’s managing partner, will be marketing and selling the development.

He told the gathering that it was always his dream to own a part of a development such as the Sanctuary, adding that he has found the perfect individual in Grace Bay Car Rental owner, Todd Foss, to partner with him in the project.

“Growing up in Whitby, my father had a five-unit rental property on the beach where I worked and gained what I would say is my initial appreciation for the hospitality and tourism industry.

“As time progressed, I created my own vision for what my development project would look like, a few years later I met Todd Foss and after I had shared my vision with him, he immediately bought into my vision and the resulting partnership began realizing the dream and here we are now - one step closer to realization,” he said.

He hopes that the project would not only provide well-needed jobs for Turks and Caicos Islanders, but will also encourage them to embark on their own projects.

He said the Sanctuary will be the first of its kind in the Turks and Caicos Islands, since it is not on the beach or the South side on the water but on a lake, surrounded by water, where one can engage in a variety of eco-friendly water activities, such as kayaking, paddle boarding, fly fishing and bird watching.

“I have seen flamingos here on several occasions, one of the few places other than North Caicos where you can find them,” he said, saying also that the Sanctuary would be designed as a green project, with full optional solar power by Tesla and charging ports for electric cars.

“Our hope, as the world is rapidly changing to more sustainable living practices, is that this project would be a model for developers in Turks & Caicos to follow and incorporate more green development practices moving forward,” Musgrove added.



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