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Is it true that five- or ten minutes cost TCI taxpayers 45,000.00USD? | Opinion

This week, the atmosphere is loaded with news that is subject to profound reflections. Everyone has a right to express their opinions according to their worldviews and ability without prejudice and discrimination. However, one common factor can be that critical thinkers are called to reflect on many issues of national interest that need to be addressed.

In unfolding the bombshell, TCI-Sun Newspapers quoted Mr. Justice Simons, “The situation could have been clarified if any of the officers involved in their detention had the presence of mind to allow one of them, or to accompany one of them to their home, five or ten minutes away, to collect their documents".

Alces Dor

What may have caused the absence of mind of the officers?

Nowhere in the verdict, one may question the competence and professionalism of our officers. However, a hypothetical absence of mind can be a matter of concern knowing that workplace culture is always morally infectious. In my last episode of Gray Matter, I elaborated on “The fierce urgency of now” to consider the promotion of mental health support for people whether in the private or public sector. Once again, I wish to reiterate that it is not the psychopaths or bipolar commonly called “crazy people” that need psychological support, but we all need it including mental health professionals.

Does the potential absence of mind link to other factors?

It may be too soon, and the lack of real-time data prevents me from producing an accurate assessment. However, the meaning and potential remedy for absentmindedness can lead us to form hypotheses. First of all, the root of absentmindedness is a failure between memory and attention, and some of the ways to stop it can be, a) Delegation of responsibilities, b) Doing one thing at a time, and c) Having an accountability buddy. other hypothetical factors can be absenteeism (employees frequently absent due to illness or other unjustified causes) and presenteeism (at work, but ill, disengaged, and distracted).

Improvement Factors

There are factors that improve productivity and engagement in every organization, not limited to those of governments. The key element is the improvement of the mental health of employees. In so doing, they become mentally resilient to stress. As a result, they are able to maintain sound patterns of thinking, decision-making, workflow and relationships with coworkers and others, and adherence to disciplines.

In conclusion

The promotion of psychological support comes with huge benefits for organizations. One of the key benefits is the reduction of costs and risks, such as absenteeism and presenteeism as well as disability claims and loss. It also contributes to avoiding legal exposure such as this one. It can be achieved through awareness and discipline so the taxpayer money can go in the right direction such as building schools, hiring more teachers, and mental health professionals, and why not more police officers, and never not to be embarrassed with legal claims that could certainly be avoided.

For comments, please do not hesitate to contact the author at 1-649-242-4551/

Rev. Alces Dor is a licensed Psychologist with years of experience working in the Turks and Caicos Islands.



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