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Jaseth ‘Pam’ Wilson grows with Kids Camp and Entertainment at BTC

Jaseth 'Pam' Wilson

The art of childcare takes patience, creativity and some would say, lots of energy. Assistant Manager and administrator for the Entertainment and Kids Camp departments at Beaches Turks & Caicos (BTC), Jaseth ‘Pam’ Wilson is among those Kids Camp team members who are well trained in making the vacation experience for families who visit the resort, a memorable one.

Wilson herself has been growing with the resort since 1999, when she started her career as a babysitter. Her ambition has seen her apply herself in each area of assignment, and thus, she has cemented herself as an integral member of the team, known for her stellar work ethic and sharing her knowledge with those around her.

The 23-year veteran is committed to always give her best and shares that her driving passion is to ensure the children left in her care are well taken care of while allowing parents to enjoy their vacation at the resort.

Jaseth 'Pam' Wilson (left) shares information with Christina Valere Entertainment Playmaker at the Entertainment hut

“I have grown with this company from being a babysitter, earning a Bachelor’s degree and now being trained as a leader. When I started out, my dream was to grow and therefore, to seize the many career opportunities that this company had to offer. This growth started within the first two years of my employment when my leaders recognized my potential and set me on a path to earn my certification in early childhood education, communication skills, supervisory management, and leadership skills,” Wilson shared.

Described by the late founder of the Sandals and Beaches resorts, the Honourable Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart as one of his ‘trusted babysitters’, from her early days, Wilson cared for the younger Stewart children whenever they visited the resort, back in the day.

Jaseth Wilson (left) and Devon Williams pack a bag with school supplies for a Sandals Foundation activity

“Regardless of who my charges are however, and while I have grown professionally within the company, the opportunities that I have had to help in the development of each and every young guest placed in my care, have made my experience here at BTC most rewarding,” Wilson added.

Having worked with Wilson for over 10 years, General Manager James McAnally was pleased to share his own insights, stating that, “Pam is among our resort’s most industrious team leaders. She is a creative genius whose ability to grow a team is commendable. As a leader who has expertise in the areas of entertainment, kids’ camp and animation, Pam has grown in her own right and has also ensured that she has brought others along for their own development as well.”

Entertainment department manager, David Ellis also added, “Pam is that leader who is always willing to try something new to excite the guests. She is fond of children and can be counted on to take the initiative to help train the newer team members. She has shown the true strength of leadership as she is able to guide the team and ensure that guest satisfaction is guaranteed.”

Throughout the resort, Wilson is also known as an ardent Sandals Foundation ambassador and volunteer, always among the first to sign up for activities and give of her time. Assistant Food and Beverage Director, Devon Williams was also quick to commend Wilson. “We have volunteered for many years with the Sandals Foundation and it is this passion of giving back to the communities that Pam has shown as a caring leader whose compassion has created a pleasant relationship with whomever she interacts,” Williams said.

Wilson has done extensive training at several Sandals and Beaches resorts in Jamaica, Bahamas, and Barbados. While she has created outstanding relationships with team members wherever she goes and during her time at other resorts, she highlights the leadership interactions she had with Jeremy Jones, (former BTC General Manager), now Corporate Director, Resort Operations, Jamaica, as being one of those mentors who has helped in guiding her professionally.

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