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Joint Beach and Coastal Vending Ordinance Taskforce Seizes Illicit Merchandise on Grand Turk Beach

A number of items of merchandise deemed illicit under the Beach and Coastal Vending Ordinance were seized from peddlers on Grand Turk during an operation headed by the Department of Environmental and Coastal Resources (DECR) on Tuesday, 22 February.

Photo shows some of the items seized during the joint taskforce operation on Grand Turk Beaches

The confiscated items included 133 cans of beer, 52 bottles of alcohol and 39 soft drinks. A news release from the DECR said the Employment Services Department, during the operation, also seized a number of work permit cards.

The DECR said the objective of the operation was to ensure compliance with the newly enacted Beach and Coastal Vending Ordinance and its regulations, as well as to address reported infractions.

The DECR said that most notably, vendors were found to be illegally selling alcohol on the beach, as well has having erected structures without first seeking the required permissions to do so.

“Vendors were also educated on the intricacies of business license requirements and permit categories to be applied for in accordance with the Ordinance,” the DECR said in the release.

The joint task force included representatives from the Department of Visa & Immigration, the Employment Services Department, the Revenue Control Unit, the Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources, and the Turks & Caicos Royal Police Force (TCRPF).

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