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Local Artist Hezron Henry to Showcase at ‘Expression Against Oppression’

Visual artist Hezron Henry continues to push boundaries as an internationally recognized presence, as he is scheduled to showcase his creativity in the upcoming public art billboard exhibition titled ‘Expression Against Oppression’ in Portland, Oregon.

Local artist Hezron Henry

Hezron’s art will join seven artists’ works with credits ranging from Apple, Nike, and Vogue to The New York Times. The artworks will be stationed in several locations around the city of Portland and will run from August 9, 2021 to September 9 2021.

The event is being hosted by SaveArtSpace in partnership with Expression against Oppression and support from The City of Portland.

Expression Against Oppression is a space for black, brown, indigenous people and all oppressed people to take up space in Portland, the whitest city in America.

It is a space for BIPOC (black, Indigenous and People of Color) creatives to have the tools to the creative and be connected to projects happening around social justice.

The mission is to elevate Black and POC creatives to see the power in their work and art and to build a community that fights for justice and equality. Seeking to create and design safe playground spaces in marginalized communities and elevate black and brown creatives all over the world.

It is the view of many POC that the art world is not all inclusive, but rather inclusive to a few, as 85 percent of artists represented in museum collections across the US are white.

Attention will be brought to all underrated creatives, all unknown creatives. all creatives fighting for change, and all creatives challenging the status quo.

Founded in 2015, in Brooklyn, NY, SaveArtSpace is a non-profit organization that works to create an urban gallery experience, launching exhibitions that address intersectional themes and foster a progressive message of social change.

By placing culture over commercialism, SaveArtSpace aims to empower artists from all walks of life and inspire a new generation of young creatives and activists.

A piece of Hezron's creation entitled 'Sovereign'

Since 2015, SaveArtSpace has installed the artwork of 346 artists on 643 advertising spaces in 35-plus US cities, coast-to-coast and London, UK. The exhibition is curated by Salomée Souag, muralist, designer, and founder of Expression Against Oppression; Bernadette Little, designer and art director on the Adidas Global Brand Design team; and Xiuhtezcatl, multifaceted performer and Hip-Hop artist.

SaveArtSpace will launch public art installations for selected works on 22 feet billboards.

Hezron believes that we are all blended with a swath of experiences; walking, breathing, thinking creatures full of insight and emotions expelled through every single pore. He believes that our aura illuminates spaces of darkness and drives ideas through vision, endowing minds with fragments of personality shimmering through a kaleidoscope of colour.

And so, against such philosophy, he brings to life his creativity via acrylic and digital painting; adapting traditional painting mediums to his signature style. His art is laden with vibrant colours and a link is established highlighting the emotive power of colour.

He believes that it is most important that artists make no apologies for their work; his passion is honest artistic expression, creating an experience people can enjoy and connect with on an ethereal level.

Surpassing over 2000 entrants worldwide as the Wacom “The Next Level” finalist, Hezron has exhibited in cities across Australia, New Zealand, Trinidad & Tobago for CARIFESTA 2019 and at Art Takes 2021 (NYC); a juried competition hosted by SeeMe.

Hezron has also had the pleasure of being featured in international publications; Wacom’s “The Next Level” and “Drawn Vol. 4: Leaders in Contemporary Illustration.”

The following are some of his past exhibition forays:

2021 - Art Takes 2021 by SeeMe, Ki Smith Gallery, New York City;

2020 - Drawn Vol. 4: Leaders in Contemporary Illustration;

2020 - Exclusive Evening of Art Exhibition, Group Show, Providenciales;

2020 - Editorial Illustration, Turks and Caicos Magazine, Edition 23;

2019 - Across Boundaries Exhibition, Group Show, Trinidad and Tobago National Museum;

2019 - Apparel Collab, Konk;

2018 - Flagship Print, bēchë 2019 Collection;

2017 - Feature, Wacom’s The Next Level 2017 Publication;

2017 - The Next Level Exhibition, Group Show, Auckland, Melbourne and Sydney;

2017 - Winner, Wacom The Next Level Competition;

2017 - EP Cover, Maskanoo, Lady Livz.

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