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Local Internationally-Acclaimed Artist Bradley Theodore Harvey ‘ICONS, TRANSFORMED’ Blitz

Bradley Theodore Harvey’s new project is one that is sure to make any art lover swoon. The acclaimed artist collaborated with the global leading creative platform, Shutterstock for a two-day exhibition blitz, named ‘ICONS, TRANSFORMED’.

The exhibition was held December 1 and 2, at a private bungalow in Miami Beach, Florida. The bungalows underwent a dramatic transformation when Harvey created an impressive, custom 25 feet high and 33 feet wide mural wall that swept across the exterior.

Using this mammoth blank canvas, Harvey reimagines photographs of cultural and historical icons, including Audrey Hepburn, Charlie Chaplin and Jimi Hendrix into his signature colourful skeletal designs.

The event also showcased the artist’s new work which reimagined Shutterstock Editorial’s premium photography, transformed, of course, using his signature style.

“Bradley’s ability to reinvent art is completely unique, and I'm eager to see what he's created using Shutterstock's creative platform and exclusive content. Setting this event up in Miami, where both the tech and art scenes are thriving, will bring these two worlds together in a passionate collaboration, celebrating a new era for Shutterstock," commented Jon Oringer, Founder and Executive Chairman at Shutterstock.

"We're delighted to be launching this limited-edition collaboration with Bradley Theodore, whose vibrant street murals and kaleidoscopic paintings have established him as one of the leading art personalities of our generation," said Stan Pavlovsky, Chief Executive Officer at Shutterstock.

On Instagram, the artist expressed his gratitude saying, ‘I’m beyond happy with choosing the @wsouthbeach beach for my #artbasel event with @shutterstock...thank you all for supporting my art…”

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