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Local Poet Sandra Garland Pens 'The Doll That Was Broken'

Local Poet Sandra Garland, who was involved in a horrific accident about three years ago, has penned an awe-inspiring piece of poetry from that ordeal. The literary piece, entitled ‘The Doll That Was Broken’, not only outlines the anticipation of that day and the unfolding events of the day, but also her amazing journey of recovery. The following is the masterpiece.


‘Twas a beautiful Saturday with a clear blue dome,

September fifteen two thousand eighteen;

The doll in good spirits was driving home

After work at the office at three fifteen.

The doll was happy.

‘Twas her grandson’s sixteenth birthday

And the fun would start in the afternoon;

The doll had a gift to give away

And the time could not come too soon.

The doll was very happy.

‘Twas on that infamous Venetian curve

The doll was hit by a law breaking lad

The motor clash shattered both muscle and nerve

With spinal cord injury the doll thought she was dead.

The doll was broken.

‘Twas Friends who gathered around the clash-up

When the doll opened her eyes but her legs were not there

And friends called her children with news of the smash-up,

But the doll was strapped in the car in prayer.

The doll was truly broken

‘Twas Elery James on his way to town

Who entered the car and soothed the doll,

Soon afterward the ambulance was on the scene

And the doll could only pray and wonder and mull.

The doll was hopeful but broken.

“Twas off to Jamaica that very night

While the doll slept the hours away

With her anxious daughter on the flight

The doll tried her fears to allay.

The doll was still hopeful but broken.

‘Twas months of intentional strenuous gym

At Jackson rehab the dangling legs became firmer

The doll is now strengthening each muscle and limb

And daily recouping, renewing, getting stronger.

The doll is healing.

The doll is thankful to each offspring and sibling,

The doctors and nurses and each dear friend

Who poured out their loving concern unstinting;

All these sentiments helped the doll to mend;

The doll is eternally grateful.

Sandra E. Garland

September 15, 2021

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