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Long Lines Prevail At Provo Treasury As Gov't Doles Out Stimulus Cheques

Residents across the Turks and Caicos Islands have begun to collect their Citizens Inflation Adjustment Stimulus Cheques.

Large gathering outside the Treasury on Providenciales as individuals wait for their stimulus cheques.

The government had announced the collection points on all the islands. where those eligible could pick their cheques up.

On Providenciales, there have been long queues outside the Treasury, located at Butterfield Square. As the jostling for position in the lines prevailed, some individuals got restless, which resulted in a few commotions, which were quickly quelled by security personnel on hand.

A few of the individuals who went to collect their cheques told Newline TCI that although the lines were long and the wait lengthy, it was worth the effort, because the $1,000 would go a long way in paying their bills and offset other matters.



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