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Louise Garland Thomas Students Taught Domestic Violence Signs

Third form females at the Louise Garland Thomas High School in Providenciales, on Friday, October 15, were taught the signs of domestic violence and how to escape those threats.

The lesson was carried out by the Department of Gender Affairs, led by Dr. Cutella Talbot from the Providenciales branch.

Talbot told NewslineTCI that the Gender Affairs Unit is spearheading the stamping out of domestic violence from the Turks and Caicos through education.

Students of the Louise Garland Thomas High participating in prayer.

“This month is October, where we stand in solidarity with victims of domestic violence and we have done a number of activities across the islands,” she said. “Last week we were at Clement Howell High School. Friday is the day that we chose to wear purple to stand in solidarity with those who are victims and to call for an end to all forms of domestic violence.”

Gender Affairs Unit representatives Dr. Cutella Talbot (right) and Ms. Shenique Been lead the students in prayer.

She was pleased with the reception from the students, who she believes garnered much knowledge from the session.

“I believe they were receptive; I believe they learnt a lot. I believe they would take most of what was taught to them today. I think for years to come they would remember what went on here this morning because their minds are young, and when you teach them about the signs of domestic violence when they are young, they would be able to recognize it and stand up for what is right and would not get involved into the things we taught them not to,” she added.

Dr. Cutella Talbot and a student lead an anti-domestic violence chant

The children were made to chant several slogans, such as, “That’s not love”, and “Say no to domestic violence”.

“We taught them what love is and what love is not. Sometimes they would not know what love is, and tend to get themselves involved with young men, who abuse them in different ways. I also want to say that young men also experience domestic violence,” Talbot asserted.

She added: “It can happen to anyone. It can happen to a man, a woman, a child…it doesn’t matter your religion, your race, who you are, what you are. It can happen to anybody. But together we can make a difference.”

Diene Paul, one of the guidance counsellors at the school was appreciative of the visit by the Gender Affairs Unit. She believes such sessions can only build character on the part of the participants.

Dr. Cutella Talbot outlines to the students the nature of domestic violence.

“We appreciate a presentation of this nature, and we look forward to more partnerships, not just from the Gender Affairs Department, but other institutions that can instil values and improve on the psychosocial and emotional aspect of our students, especially our girls at the school,” she said.

Ms. Diene Paul (right) one of the Guidance Counselors at the Louise Garland Thomas High School, welcomes Dr. Cutella Talbot (left) of the Gender Affairs Unit at the school.


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