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Magazine Glut... or Not?

According to the last Census, the Turks and Caicos Islands has approximately 45,000 to 50,000 people living within its borders.

Of this entire population, when you take out the Children and Elderly, this number is reduced to 36,000. If you then subtract the working class, the number almost goes to 20,000.

So, I ask you, the reader: Why do we have five Magazines " hawking to the general public? "

Also, with over 500 pages published in said magazines there can be found only 20 photos of a Turks Islander.

What exactly is the purpose of these magazines? Why are they "given" out here on island!

If it is to "sell" Turks and Caicos to the tourists, then that is redundant because they have already bought and are now here for a visit / holiday!

Or, if in fact they are meant to attract / generate business, then should they not be available some where other than here. So that a person searching can find them and read before coming to the island?

Not to mention that magazines are one of the most ineffective forms of advertising now! They have the added distinction of being environmentally toxic - from creation to destruction!

The truth is much more simple, dear Reader.

The Publishers and Companies that buy adverts in these magazines are in a "group" to keep each other fiscally buoyant!! They both know that the Magazines are ineffective, but it is a plausible way to funnel money to one another! Why?, So that they - the group - can always be "on, top" and financially soluble! This is simply "insidious" and "abhorrent"!! It at all possible the ones that can "merge" should be encouraged to do so.

The owners of these magazines and the people that advertise in them can find other means to "give each other money"...!!

In the process they just may stumble over a way to more positively impact, the development of Turks and Caicos, while empowering the indigenous people.

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