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Man Shot Outside Provo Jewellery Store Dies

Alpheus Gardiner, the 69-year-old man who was shot inside at the Arch Plaza Thursday morning, died at the Cheshire Hall Medical Centre while undergoing emergency surgery.

Alpheus Gardiner, the man who was shot inside a Providenciales car park and who later died

The latest robbery-influenced shooting brings to two such incidents in three days, according to reports.

The police, in a statement, said that the incident which occurred at about 10:30, took place in the Arch Plaza Parking Lot, along Leeward Highway.

A police sources told NewslineTCI that Gardiner came to Providenciales from North Caicos on Thursday, went to do business at a neighbouring insurance outlet after leaving the bank.

The subsequent news release stated that he visited the jewellery store, and after leaving he was accosted by two men, who according to police reports were suspiciously lurking in the area earlier.

Our source stated that during the confrontation, one of the gunmen reportedly discharged his firearm hitting the Gardiner in the region of his abdomen.

The police said it is believed the men fled the scene in the injured man's white pick-up truck.

Gardiner was taken to the Cheshire Hall Medical Center where he was said to have been undergoing emergency surgery. The dreadful news came later that he succumbed to his injuries.

The police source said it is not immediately clear whether the criminal got any money.

On Tuesday, a Filipino man was shot, robbed and his car stolen by at least one armed man in Turtle Cove also on Providenciales. That incident also took place in broad daylight. The man, it is reported, was employed by a restaurant in the area.

The conditions of both men were not ascertained at the time of posting this article.

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