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More Than 300 HJR Students To Benefit From Flow/CWCF Technology Upgrade

Flow CWCF reps photographed in new computer lab with ICT teacher and principal

Flow TCI, in collaboration with the Cable & Wireless Charitable Foundation (CWCF) and the Ministry of Education, announced the completion of the technology upgrade to make HJ Robinson High School (HJRHS) a fully connected high speed school.

The initial $54,000 donation from CWCF for the project was later increased to $79,000 to facilitate additional trenching work required to complete the project.

Joanne Missick, Country Manager, Flow Turks & Caicos, said: “This timely upgrade comes just as the school celebrates its 100th anniversary of providing quality education to past and present students in the Turks & Caicos Islands. We are excited to have been able to equip this new generation of students with the additional benefits that come from having a high speed fibre connection in every classroom and enabling them to take advantage of the access to digital learning.”

In his address at the 2022 Graduation Ceremony, Principal of HJ Robinson High Berkley Williams remarked that, “Flow committed a sum of money to upgrade the school network and we are pleased to say that it is up and running. We must tip our hats to the company for continuing to partner with the institution by investing our students’ future. Special thanks to the project managers for seeing this to completion."

HJ Robinson High is the fourth upgraded and fully connected high-speed school powered by the latest generation fibre optic technology this year.

VP General Counsel Ruchi Kaushal (right) and Principal Oseta Jolly Rachel Handfield discussing schools progress

In total, to date the CWCF & Flow has delivered over $230,000 in upgrades to transform and enhance the learning culture in schools across the Turks and Caicos.

These projects include purchase of ICT equipment for Eliza Simons Primary ($30,000) and Oseta Jolly Primary ($100,000), and infrastructure technology upgrades to Hubert James Primary ($5940), Ianthe Pratty Primary ($4063.92), Raymond Gardiner High ($14,700), and HJ Robinson High ($79,000).

Founding Director of the CWCF and VP General Counsel, Ruchi Kaushal during a recent visit was welcomed by the students of the Oseta Jolly Primary to see the upgrades completed to the school’s computer lab.

VP General Counsel, Ruchi Kaushal, commented, “CWCF is committed to its mission of enabling progress and building resilient communities. Oseta Jolly Primary was one of the Foundation’s first connectivity projects and returning to the campus has been an incredibly meaningful experience. We are excited about what the future holds and will continue to partner with the Ministry of Education to bridge the digital divide.”



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