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MP Kyle Knowles Launches Seniors Registration Drive

In his bid to better serve the people of Wheeland, especially those of a more mature age, Member of Parliament Hon. Kyle Knowles staged a Senior Citizen Registration Drive on Monday, June 14.

MP Kyle Knowles chats with Seniors during the event

The registration drive would ensure that the seniors receive, among other things, social welfare benefits.

Knowles, who was also one of the foot-soldiers for the initiative, met and mingled with the seniors, gathering not only personal information from them, but also traditional ones.

The Wheeland MP stated later that caring for the more vulnerable among us was by no means a job to him, but rather a thirst.

(L-R) Seniors being registered; MP Knowles (second left) is all ears as a female senior citizens dialogues with him; MP Kyle Knowles launches Seniors Registration Drive

“Looking after the elderly within our community has always been a passion of mine and it brought me joy to see the Senior Citizens of our constituency come out in their numbers to the registration drive,” he said in a statement.

He said the information gathered should provide his team with the relevant data on how to better care for the elderly, especially, of the community.

“We were able to gather information that will offer my team to better serve them, but more than that, it afforded me the opportunity to have one on one interaction with our precious pearls and to hear their concerns.

“I am proud of what we did today, as the line of communication for the benefit of our seniors is now open. They are now enrolled to receive social welfare services and my team and I benefited from historical facts of our community, words of encouragement and gratitude and families connecting with each other for the first time,” he said.

He was thrilled to see the record turnout of the seniors.

In the meantime, MP Knowles has expressed his gratitude to the corporate community who assisted in the effort. Among them are Sunny Foods, Smart Grocery Store, Digicel, Flow and Coca Cola. He also extended his thanks to his constituency - ED7, William John, MH Interim Committee, Clement Howell High Teachers and the TCI Community College Volunteers.

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