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‘My Teachers Deserve Much More’ – Campbell-Forbes

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Teachers are woefully undervalued for their tireless and dedicated work, this was the assessment by principal for the Louise Garland Thomas High School in Long Bay, Providenciales, Mrs. Kordell Campbell-Forbes.

Kordell Campbell-Forbes, Principal of Louise Garland Thomas High School

Speaking on Thursday, at the Education Week 2022 Partnership Ceremony – an event staged to honour individuals and businesses in the community that contribute to the school, Campbell-Forbes stressed the need for teachers to get the recognition they truly deserve.

She pointed out that her teachers were some of the most dedicated to the development of the student population at that school, and as such, deserve all the accolades they could get. The appeal was not only for the business community and from philanthropic individuals, but also to parents.

“I am making a plea on behalf of my teachers, today. Every year we are faced with a challenge of financial restrictions, which prevents us from honouring our teachers in the manner they truly deserve,” she lamented. “Parents are reluctant to provide financial support in appreciating teachers, although they understand the great work, time and investment that are being poured into their children.”

Campbell-Forbes pointed out that it was pertinent for her to make a public plea on behalf of her teachers, as a means of encouragement, since all of them always go beyond their job descriptions to ensure students’ need are met.

“Partners, this is an area that I wish to involve your support in…I cannot leave the work of my teachers unmentioned, because it is their selflessness and resilience that drive them beyond the call of duty, to ensure the success of every learner who comes to this school,” she said.

She said the token of appreciation awarded to the supporters of the school was a demonstration of the love and gratitude that the administration, staff and student body had for them, also expressing the hope that they would continue to not only support but increase such assistance.

The theme for Education Week 2022 is, ‘Success for Every Learner’.

NewslineTCI will provide further coverage on this event in a later post.


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