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North Caicos Residents Count 14 Burglaries Since January

Residents of the various settlements in North Caicos said they are frustrated at what they believe is an unabated string of burglaries taking place recently.

Image Source: Times Higher Education

The residents contacted NewslineTCI to report that from January to September no fewer than 14 burglaries took place on the various settlements of the usually quiet and picturesque island. The victims have been businesses and residences.

On top of the consideration that the culprits remained at large, the residents are fuming that there has not been any public awareness about the incidents so that persons could put in the necessary precautionary measures.

“Not one single mention of any of them (burglaries) anywhere,” one resident raged. "Not in the newspapers, not on social media, nowhere. It really is happening here.”

The homes and businesses reportedly hit according to the residents are: Olga Paoloukhine – Bottle Greek, Cindy and Tom Nowell – Bottle Creek, John Gill – Bottle Creek, Arturo Riccardi – Whitby, Ricky Grant -Withby, Lora and Phil Casey -Whitby, Kurt and Nancy Green – Whitby, Chris Peterson – Three Mary Cays, Cheryle Coffin – Three Mary Cays, John Farren/JODO – Sandy Point, Tommy Carurthers- Sandy Point, Parrotice Ice Cream Shop – Patty Deslauriers, and Ferrington Gardiner Texaco.

In addition, the residents claimed that there seemed to be an apparent orchestrated plot being carried out by unknown assailants on the island.

“There was a sign that was destroyed three times on the main road in Bottle Creek. A sign was also destroyed in front of a restaurant, Bottle Creek, as well as another sign, destroyed three times by Josh’s in Whitby.

“We have been told that the police do not patrol or work after midnight which is the curfew. If that is the case, it's not surprising we have all these crimes in the early morning hours,” one resident told NewslineTCI.

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