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Philove Fradeus Wins First Complaints Commission Art Competition

Philove Fradeus is congratulated by Minister of Education Hon. Rachel Taylor (left) and Complaints Commissioner Hon. Rita Gardiner after being announced as the winner recently

Philove Fradeus of the Clement Howell High School in Providenciales was adjudged the winner of the Complaints Commission inaugural Art Billboard and Poster Competition, held at the Edward Gartland Youth Center recently.

Fradeus won from a group of beautifully crafted displays. The second-place winner was Aaron Rigby of the Louise Garland Thomas High School. In third place was Jlannah Gardiner of Clement Howell High School. The fourth-place winner was Billica Williams of the Louise Garland Thomas High School, while in fifth place was given to Garry Harris of the Louise Garland Thomas High School.

Minister of Education Hon. Rachel Taylor (third from left) and Complaints Commissioner Hon. Rita Gardiner (right) share lens with the participants of the Complaints Commission Art competition

The competition was held under the theme ‘Promoting Harmony, Good Governance, and Justice’.

Complaints Commissioner Rita Gardiner OBE (Ombudsman) stated that the initiative created an entertaining means to motivate and inspire the students, public officials and the general public, and to familiarize them with their role and the importance of the Office of the Complaints Commission.

“The aim of poster and billboard competition within the Government High Schools is to help fulfil the Complaints Commission mandate and to bring about awareness of maladministration and how to recognise and report such destructive behaviours within government departments and statutory bodies throughout the Turks and Caicos Islands,” Gardiner said.

Aaron Rigby, who copped second place position is all smiles as he accepts his prize from Education Minister Hon. Rachel Taylor

She stated that whilst all the principals and teachers of the Government High Schools were asked to facilitate the competitors in their schools and ensure entries in the poster and billboard competition were submitted, the The TCI Complaints Commission reserved the right to publish and broadcast images from this competition in any of its publications, website, and promotional material.

She further stated that students who produced outstanding work were required to present them at the Awards Ceremony on 17th February 2023.

While all Government High Schools were welcome to participate in the competition, only two schools competed, Clement Howell High School, with two (2) students participating and Louise Garland Thomas High School, with six (6) students, participated in the art competition.

The judges for the competition were Ms. Alesha Jennings, Mr. Rowan Pratt and Ms. Denyse Renne.

The judges selected the top five finalists, and their art pieces will be displayed at strategic locations around the Turks and Caicos Islands as billboards and posters.

Presentations were made immediately following the Judging. Mrs. Rita Gardiner, OBE (Ombudsman), and her team were elated over the great success of their first initiative.

The role of the Complaints Commissioner is to investigate complaints of maladministration, the name given to a range of failures by public officials in handling citizens’ dealings with Government Departments and Statutory Bodies as stipulated in the Ordinance.

Together with promoting effective and efficient services rendered to the community, whilst educating persons about their rights and duties in a free and democratic society, providing a service to the public in fairness, justice and without prejudice to promote harmony and good governance in the Turks and Caicos Islands.


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