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Police Officer Who Returns Fire at Gunmen Being Investigated

A review is underway into a member into the circumstances under which a Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force officer discharged his firearm after coming under attack from a band of criminal gunmen in Blue Hills on Thursday, February 17.

Police Commissioner Trevor Botting

Commissioner of Police Trevor Botting made the disclosure in a news release following the incident.

“…It is normal practice when a police officer discharges a firearm that the circumstances of the discharge will be reviewed,” a statement accredited to the commissioner of police said in part.

The police discharged his firearm after coming under attack from a group of marauding bandits, who were said to have carried out several robberies prior.

A motor vehicle, in which the men made their escape from the robbery scene was confiscated by the police.

According to the police, sometime after 6pm., the RTCIPF Police Control Room received reports of two stores in Blue Hills being robbed by several armed bandits.

The crooks, according to the police, made off from the scene in a vehicle which was later intercepted by Police Officers on patrol. NewslineTCI understands that the car was jacked from a customer of one of the stores that they had robbed.

The police said that during the interception, the gunmen, in their escape bid, fired multiple shots at the police party. The fire was returned and the men fled.

Botting, in the news release, said it is not believed any of the gunmen were hit, neither were any of the police officers.

“At this stage, it is not believed that there are any injuries as a result of this incident,” Botting said, pointing out that the review of the police officer matching firepower with the gunmen would be investigated.

He said, too, that the criminals who fired at the lawmen were being relentlessly pursued.

“In addition, the actions of those persons who fired at our officers will be investigated,” he asserted, stating that the incident highlighted the the ever present dangers officers face while working to keeping the communities safe.

“Given the matter is under review, no further comment will be made at this time,” Botting’s statement added.

In the meantime, the commissioner of police has pleading to members of the public who might know the gunmen to tell what they knew.

In the meantime, the police are asking anyone with information about these or other crimes to call 911 or Crime Stoppers privately at 1-800-8477 (TIPS) Information provided will be treated in the strictest of confidence. All Crime Stoppers calls are answered by Miami Dade Police and no one from the RTCIPF will know who called



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