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Raymond Gardiner Student Jennella Forbes’ Art Official Poster For TCIFF

(L-R) The winning artwork by Jennella Forbes entitled ‘Mother Earth’ ; Cynclair Musgrove (left), District Commissioner for North Caicos, shares in this photo op with Jennella and her art piece entitled ‘Mother Earth’.

The Raymond Gardiner High School in North Caicos is beaming with pride after one of their students, Jennella Forbes, not only topped the recently held Turks and Caicos International Film Festival’s (TCIFF) Art Competition, but her creation, ‘Mother Earth”, was chosen as the official poster for 2021 renewal of the festival, to be held later this year.

The announcement was made by the TCIFF on Tuesday, June 9, which was designated across the globe as World Ocean’s Day.

Principal for the Raymond Gardiner High School, Janet Walkin, told NewslineTCI that the entire school body was in awe after being informed of the decision to make Jennella’s piece the official poster for the festival scheduled for November 11 to 14.

“We are extremely delighted in Jennella’s effort,” Walkin said. “She is an up-and-coming artist and this (competition) was a great experience for her. We are very happy to hear about that this morning. We want to congratulate Jennella.

“We know she is going to go places. We at Raymond Gardiner, are extremely happy for her and we are confident that she will be able to grow in that area.”

Walkin explained that Jenella was not just diligent at art, but also her school work.

“She is very passionate about art. She puts her best effort in whatever she does. She is a respectful and good student,” she said.

The TCIFF said in a statement that this year’s poster was selected from a field of 18 local students spread nationwide, and held at the Edward Gartland Youth Centre in Providenciales, under the guidance and mentorship of world renowned artist Bradley Theodore-Harvey…a Turks and Caicos Islander.

The TCIFF said this year’s theme was ‘Oceans, and Why We Love TCI’. The entity said its members were amazed by all the entries.

“The TCIFF held a small gathering to unveil the finalists and vote on the official poster earlier this month and we couldn’t be more happy with the winner. The talent of the entries was so exceptional that other works of art will be featured through-out the film festival in November,” the statement said.

The TCIFF celebrated its one year anniversary last year in a virtual setting. This year, it plans to host an in-person event.

“We’re thrilled to be able to host an in person event in November. So if you’d like to be involved please register your interest now,” the TCIFF wrote on its website.



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