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“Reaching the Streets” Phase 2 Set May 6 to 11

Minster of Education, Youth, Sports and Social Services Hon. Rachel Taylor

In a steadfast effort to address the surge in youth-related gun and gang violence, the multi-sector initiative, “Reaching the Streets,” has kicked into its second phase.


Spearheaded by Dr. David Burrows, Reaching the Streets is comprehensive intervention strategy.

The Minister of Education, Youth, Sports and Social Services, Hon Rachel Taylor, expressed her excitement for the upcoming phase, stating: “I am excitedly looking forward to Phase 2 of the Reaching the Streets Initiative, which is a multi-sector intervention strategy against youth-related gun and gang violence in the Turks & Caicos Islands (TCI).”


Scheduled for May 6th  to 8th , 2024 in Providenciales and May 9th   to11th, 2024 in Grand Turk, the Phase Two Training & Development Programme aims to unite policymakers, government agencies, private sector, civic groups, business leaders, law enforcement, churches, parents, and youth advocates.

Jasmine Thomas, National Youth Director, emphasized the significance of reaching out to street youth, stating: “While society often overlooks street youth, reaching out to them with compassion and support can have profound benefits.”

Key Highlights of the Programme

·        Strengthening Youth Prevention & Intervention Strategies;

·        Forging Strategic Relationships;

·        Dos and Don’ts of Street Outreach;

·        Understanding the Game – Street  and Gang Life Dynamics;

·        Conflict Resolution Education;

·        Retention and Long-Term Strategies.

Hon Rachel Taylor remarked: “Phase one, successfully yielded the desired outcomes and allowed the consultants, Dr. Borrows and team to engage in national consultations with key stakeholders, as well as tour and interact with members from vulnerable communities on Grand Turk and Providenciales.”


Jasmine Thomas highlighted: “Empowering persons with the necessary training to effectively reach street youth is not only an investment in their future but a commitment to uplifting an often neglected and vulnerable segment of our society.”


Join the Initiative

All stakeholders, including law enforcement, educators, parents, community leaders, entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations, are encouraged to participate in this collective effort to create a safer and more harmonious community.

For more information and to stay updated on the event, please stay tuned for further announcements from the organizing committee.



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