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Regatta Committee Issues Invites To School for Upcoming Regatta Festival

The 57th Annual South Caicos Regatta Festival is just around the corner, and we want YOU to be a part of the maritime history.

Open to all schools on the island of South Caicos, this competition is your chance to make waves with your creative prowess. The South Caicos Regatta Committee Executive is seeking slogans that captures the essence of our island's maritime heritage.

What's a Regatta Festival? A regatta festival is a celebration of sailboats, and a showcase of maritime expertise! It's a time-honored tradition that brings the community together to revel in the beauty of sailing. Picture this: sailboats gracefully gliding through the waters, a spectacle that even caught the eye of Her Majesty the Queen during her visit to South Caicos.

Competition Details:

•     Submission Deadline: March 4th, 2024.

•     How to Enter: Craft your slogan masterpiece and send it to

•     Judging: The South Caicos Regatta Festival Executive Team will be the discerning captains steering this ship to select the winning slogans.

Prizes: The chosen slogans will not only become an integral part of the 57th Annual South Caicos Regatta Festival but will also earn their creators:

•     Cash Prize

•     Exclusive Passes to the Miss Teen Regatta and Miss Regatta events

Join the South Caicos Regatta Festival Slogan Competition and be part of the maritime legacy that graces our beautiful island!


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