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RTCIPF Continues Investigation Into Bodies Found On Boat

Further to a Press Release issued on Thursday, June 24th, 2021, the Royal Turk and Caicos Islands Police Force confirms that the human remains of 20 persons were recovered from the vessel yesterday. Work is now underway to establish their identity, the cause of death and the circumstances that led them to be found in the Turks and Caicos Islands waters.

Whilst the deaths are unexplained, there is no indication of foul play, and Investigators are keeping an open mind as to how these people met their deaths.

Commissioner of Police Trevor Botting said, "It is believed that the boat originates from outside of the Caribbean Region and that neither the Turks and Caicos Islands nor the Region was their intended destination. My investigators are working to establish their identities and how they met their death. This work will take some time to complete. Whatever the circumstances, this is a tragic situation where many people have lost their lives, and the thoughts and prayers of the Force go out to those families who have lost a loved one. We will do all we can to identify them and contact their families."

Commissioner Botting added, "In dealing with this situation, I want to pay tribute to my policing team on Grand Turk and those from Health and other TCIG agencies who assisted in the recovery of the bodies. This incident was a human tragedy and a very distressing scene. However, my officers have acted with professionalism, humanity and care in the very upsetting work they did yesterday to recover those who have died. I thank them for a job well done for the humanity and professionalism they have shown".

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