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Sandra Garland Shares Award-Winning Poem "That Kiss On The Forehead"

Author Sandra Garland pens another award-winning poem dedicated to the United States confirming Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson as the first black woman to be seated on the Supreme Court in its 233 years history. This poem – That Kiss on the Forehead - is inspired by “that kiss on the forehead” of Judge Jackson by her husband Dr. Patrick G. Jackson during the Senate hearings and was seen around the world.That Kiss on the Forehead”, together with "When Dark Clouds Gather" won first prize at the recently-held TCI Writers Society Open Mic Poetry Contest.


My kiss on your forehead springs from my heart,

And conveys my support in whole and in part;

I know your worth and the call on your life,

Your commitment and passion are ever rife.

I promised to be with you on good days and bad,

And when you are happy and when you are sad,

I vowed to uphold and defend you too,

And always be lovingly supportive of you.

I promised that when you are evilly mocked,

And bad men around you are viciously flocked

I’ll be in your corner, I will rally for you,

My love for you is everlasting and true.

I vowed that as on this road we travel,

Our special bond will never unravel,

Together this journey will make us strong,

And we will renounce the opponent’s wrong.

Their baneful words won’t hinder our progress

Our plans and preparedness will bring us success,

In spite of their venom our goals will proceed,

You are imminently ready. For this job you are teed.

So my kiss on your forehead speak volumes from my heart,

With floods of emotions in total and in part,

It sends a clear message to those who would harm us:

Their sinister objections will never alarm us.

Written by Sandra E. Garland

April 8, 2022

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