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Sheba Wilson, Roger Harvey Develop Clinical HR Recruitment App

A Human Resource application designed to eliminate paperwork, ensures efficiency, and provides communication to establishments and job applicants in real time is available in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

The SheLead HR Solution App Logo

SheLead Hiring System, birthed by HR specialists and life coach Sheba Wilson and computer technician Roger Harvey is now available for purchase. The app Is an HR solution, which focuses on recruitment.

Wilson, in an interview with NewlineTCI, explained that the app covers all bases of the recruitment process.

“For example, an employer has a position that they need filled, if using the app, they would have a landing page attached to their website. Their ads could have a QR Code on it, where potential candidates can scan and go directly to that landing page, upload their resume’ and supporting documents, fill out the application form, and that information goes directly to the employer. The employer would then update the application in the system,” Wilson explained.

Sheba Wilson, one of the brains behind the app

She continued: “Say, for instance, a candidate applies for a position of sales manager, and the employer shortlists that candidate. At the time of application, the candidate will receive an automatic reply, acknowledging that the application was received. They would get it by text messaging, and they would also get it by email.

“And then, once the hiring manager updates that that person is shortlisted, they would get another communication by text and email to say that the candidate has been shortlisted and provides a link which provides the interview time.”

Wilson said the app also gives candidates latitude to choose the time when they would like to come in for the interview.

“After the interview takes place and if they (the company) want to proceed with hiring, that would be updated in the system and the candidate would receive an offer letter, generated from the system based on the information and the templates that are uploaded from that particular company,” Wilson further explained.

Roger Harvey, who co-developed the app with Sheba Wilson

She argued that the app takes the work out of the recruitment process.

“I have worked in HR for 10 years, and it’s tedious, working and doing recruitment, because you have to call candidates to schedule interviews. You have to acknowledge their emails when they send in their resume’. You have hundreds of applications coming in, so you may forget.

“This system automates, so as soon as an application is received, automatically that candidate receives an update, but you also, as the employer, receives an update to say that this candidate has applied,” she said, adding that the system even reminds the establishment of loose ends that needs tying up.

“If you don’t respond with the next step within two to three days, the system would remind you to deal with that particular application. So, it is like having an HR assistant that is a system that takes all of that work on for you,” Wilson said.

She pointed out that the system would also reach out to candidates who were not successful, to notify them.

Wilson said the app is tailormade to meet the individual needs of its clients, pointing out that it would not be a one-size-fits-all application, and that the cost for the system and monthly fees are ultra-affordable.

“We are at a stage where we are doing a lot of demos locally, and the response has been positively. Definitely, the need is there, and persons are interested,” she said.


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