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Talented Local Saxophonist, Jervon Laporte, Plays His Way into the Heart of the Suriano Family

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Jervon Laporte with his Saxophone

The venue was set and everything was in place to create a memorable 50th anniversary vow renewal ceremony for Frank and Kathie Suriano at the alluring Beaches Turks and Caicos.

A stunning gazebo, white sand between the toes and the sound of waves lapping the north shore formed the perfect backdrop for the high school sweethearts who reminisced on their first date at the beach.

Kathie recounts, “we wrote our own vows for the ceremony. The Beaches Turks and Caicos wedding department team were our guests. They warmly embraced us as family - our Beaches family. During our vow exchange, we noticed our guests wiping away tears as they listened to our history and expressions of enduring love.”

Jervon (4th from left) with General Manager James McAnally (right) and resort staff

As Jervon Laporte, a locally contracted entertainer who played his saxophone during the reception, the couple slow danced, welcoming their resort friends to join in and enjoy the moment. “The ladies from the wedding team were all eager to have a dance with Frank. My handsome, blue–eyed, white haired, seventy year old groom was in demand.”

At the end of his set, Jervon, who had heard Kathie and Frank share that their first dance was to Diana Ross’ and Lionel Richie’s version of “Endless Love”, went over to the couple and asked if he could have the honour of playing it for them. This unexpected gesture created a truly magical moment for Frank and Kathie, “after 50 years of marriage, we fell more deeply in love. You could see it in our eyes,” the couple reminisced.

Jervon saw a window of opportunity to wow the Soriano’s and what he delivered exceeded their wildest expectations. He made such an impression on the couple that they shared their experience with General Manager of Beaches Turks and Caicos, James McAnally.

“It is in Jervon’s character to go beyond the call of duty. He is passionate about what he does, and it is very evident in the way he performs. He is able to make each guest feel special because this is not work for him. This is what he loves,” McAnally shared.

An Appreciation Gift

So impressed was the couple with Jervon, that they partnered with McAnally to surprise him with a refurbished 1940 Martin Handcraft Tenor Saxophone. The vintage saxophone was purchased at a garage sale for US$50.00 in 1993 by Kathie and is now worth US$4500.00. The saxophone case houses original items including a guarantee certificate with serial number, owner’s booklet with parts list and music books with accessories.

During the handover surprise event hosted on resort, the Soriano’s expressed their heartfelt gratitude to Jervon via video call. “We are certain you will use your saxophone to bring so much joy and romance to many other couples. This is your life’s purpose, your legacy,” they shared.

Jervon Laporte (left) talks with General Manager James McAnally

Jervon expressed how grateful he was for the recognition while admitting that he did not expect anything in return. “This entire event has caught me by surprise,” he shared, “the Soriano’s are a wonderful couple and I am happy I had the privilege of making their 50th anniversary celebration a memorable one.”

Prior to the saxophone being gifted, Kathie, who was an educator for over thirty years, loaned it to the William Frangus Elementary School library and Home of the JAZZ, in Orlando, Florida.

As an educator, Kathie did not miss the teachable moment. “I always told my students that true success is not measured by the amount of money or education. Success is about becoming a good person and making a positive difference in the world. Jervon is a good person, a true success."


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