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TCHTA Says Turks and Caicos Fully Open For Business

Stacy Cox, CEO of the TCHTA

Directors of the Turks & Caicos Hotel and Tourism Association(TCHTA) is announcing that clean-up in the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona is well advanced, and their members are open for business.

“As we await reports from the sister islands, we can confidently share that members in Providenciales fared very well and have suffered little to no damage as a result of Hurricane Fiona,” shared TCHTA CEO, Stacy Cox.

The TCHTA said early morning situation reports revealed that Seven Stars, Grace Bay Club, Rock House, Point Grace, West Bay Club, The Palms, The Shore Club, Royal West Indies, Bianca Sands, Ports of Call, and Beaches Resort are all up and running with clean-up of properties ongoing. Most resort’s outlets are open, and others will be fully operational by end of day.

Trevor Musgrove, President of the TCHTA

The association’s CEO shared that she personally drove through the Grace Bay area on Wednesday – a day after the storm - and was very pleased with what she saw.

“Teams were all throughout the area carrying out clean-up exercises, and the roadways were clear. There was little damage visible, and most of the area seemed to be fully powered,” Cox said.

As for the award-winning Grace Bay Beach, she stated: “Though the water is still a little rough, it’s just as beautiful as ever!”

Noting that some members are closed due to their scheduled routine closures, the TCHTA reports that average occupancy across the sector for this weekend stands at approximately 65%, and members were looking forward to welcoming guests, since the the Turks and Caicos Islands Airports Authority (TCIAA) has announced the reopening of the Providenciales International Airport (PLS) on Wednesday.

The association shared its overwhelming adulation for the efforts of all stakeholders who managed the country’s response to the storm expertly and ensured the public was prepared and informed.

“The NEOC team and its consistent communications led by Acting Governor HE Anya Williams, the DDME Alert App, the TCIAA briefings, and the updates from our communications service providers have helped the country navigate hurricane Fiona with a welcomed level of ease, and we applaud all of these organizations for the level of expertise displayed,” said TCHTA President, Trevor Musgrove.

The Turks & Caicos Hotel and Tourism Association has also extended gratitude to its members for what it said was their timely updates, and to the travelling public and travel partners for their thoughts, prayers, and well-wishes for the country throughout this time.

The association also shares special thanks to the FortisTCI, Digicel, FLOW, Provo Water, and clean-up teams as they work to bring the country to 100% restoration and encourages these hard-working men and women to stay safe as they carry out their duties.

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